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I am raising money for my asylee friend’s family!

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I am Himari, and I have a family friend whose name we call "Minnesota family." They came to the USA as asylees, and their case is still pending. When they first arrived in 2019, the wait times were 180 days at max, but COVID happened and there were so many people filing for asylum and many old cases brought back to court. Also due to the USCIS's system of "Last in-First Out," many cases have been backlogged, including my friends' family.

Now in October 2022, after 3 years of waiting and using their savings for life necessities like rent, utilities, school, etc, they have been told that the current wait times for their case to be heard and for them to appear in court is around 6-7 more years. They have run out of money, not enough for rent, medical bills, school, utility, gas, and much more, and will stay in a legal limbo not being fully legal and have a pathway to safety and citizenship, but not illegal to be deported back...  hopefully not.

Sadly, their 2 younger children (my friend and her younger brother) have suspected autism/ADHD, and the older brother has an unidentified COPD and needs MRI, tests, and much more, but they do not have money for that. Also, when they were back in their country, it has a weak currency so upon arriving to the US, all their money was divided by 4, so when they came to the US with 10,000, they were left with 3-4k and then inflation hit hard, and they are on their last pennies. Moreover, due to them being on a pending asylum, it is hard to find someone willing to rent them a house without an SSN or credit score, and no one willing to hire them besides as drivers which is how they are living now.

They have no proper furniture or electricity, and water keeps shutting off, etc. We are trying to help, but as an Arab family, they have high morals/pride and are reluctant to take help and money. They feel ashamed of it.

Our community set-up a GoFundMe for them, but it has had little to no action (Link to GoFundMe). The amount for which we set it up (200k) will be enough to help them survive for 4-6 years because of medical needs and tests, rent, and education, etc. We are trying to see if there are ways to raise money directly for them from the Muslim/Arab/Asian community or any one who can sympathize with them and their situation and our cause to help them directly!

To also be completely transparent on where the money will go, other than treatments, rent, and other life necessities, we want to help them buy a second citizenship from a country by investment/donation to the government. This is in case they get deported before their story is heard or even after it and they get denied asylum after 10 years of wait, just so they are not sent back into a dangerous situation. It will cost $100k for the whole process. If they get deported back to their country, none of their kids and my friend will receive proper help, but will face danger, so we need to help them get a 2nd and properly recognized citizenship before anything else.

Do you know any website or place to raise money directly for them? We tried charities, but they can only give so much around 200-400 per month and have many other families too. Please remember them in your prayers, wish them all the best, and pray Allah keeps them safe!

Thank you.

-Himari and Dayton community.



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