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I am very guilty


I am doing a confession that I am guilty on crossing my limits I am a Muslim girl and I was studying in a university there I have a group of friend and in that group I was very close to my two male friends that I hold their hands and sit with them closely had long conversions but not like boy friends. We go on a one day tour to hill stations and I was sharing my seat with my these two friends in different times and the whole day I spend with our group but most of the time with my male friend but there was only longs conversation with him. But after coming back I started feeling guilty that I am doing wrong. Then I started thinking that I am in love with my friend but it was a temporary feeling. Then I came to know that he belongs to an ahamdai community and it was a great shock for myself. Me and my other two friends are know of his identity.

I left the university and am not in contact and can say trying to not get on contact with any one. I just want to get going like a good girl. I want to live like a Muslim girl. I am praying that ALLAH forgive me now. My family wanted me to get married bit I am not ready I am afraid that some day anyone from my group is going to show our pics even they are just friends and group pics but I found then bad. Now I think my past will ruin my life and that I am a characterless girl. What should I do? I want to get going in life.

help me plz

zimer fariz


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  1. Salaam!

    Don't think bad of the whatever past you had, just let the past in past. These were all the "age things" happening to you at that time.Just start a fresh. Remember , this life is too short to live in past.

    Hope, you find your soul again and lead a happy life.Not a Islamic solution though, but just want to inspire you girl.

    With Support

  2. you are over thinking about it, they wont do it. please be kind to all and thats all! you can do to make the situation peaceful for the future sometimes friends get hurt and do it to take revenge for abandonment.

  3. Darn those horrible hand holding and long conversations :), and here I thought this post was going to be about not being a virgin before marriage. So the good news is that most guys will overlook your actions before marriage because they are insignificant as compared to the level of intimacy during a marriage. You've haven't kissed or done anything beyond that. Sure, there are people that if they see those pictures will automatically assume the worst. There's no stopping those people, but hey, now you can weed out people that assume unjustly just by showing them a few pictures.

    Good to hear that your faith makes you this worried about something like this. Salam.

  4. Don't worry sister, make repentence and move on. Try to get closer to Allah and he will protect you. In shaa Allah one day you will have a good Muslim man in your life, I love you for sake of Allah sister stay strong

  5. Sister, A sahabi came to nabi of allah (s.a) and said (reported by abdullah ib masood (s.a) that he (r.a) found a beautiful women in a garden and fell upon her and did all things than an young boy can do possibly except performing the actual act of zina, Is there any hope?. Umar (r.a) got angry with told him and leave the place fearing azab of allah. Jibreel (a.S) descended, Prophet of allah calls him back and said,"Perform salah in two ends of day (morning & night), verily continued performance of good deeds will erase ill effects of your sin" (Sura Hud : 114)

    We all are human being and tempted to make mistakes. But to the true believers, post committing the sin it hurts the, it bothers them and they feel restless. That is the sign that you carry imaan. Hence, perform salah in morning and night and allah will remove the ill effect of that sin and you will hate it whenever you think about that committed sin. Scholars say while explaining topic "Allah converts the bad deeds into good deeds", that when a believer commit sin and repents and regrets, but she/he could not able forget it immediately. Eveytime she/he thinks about it, it brings tears to them and thus every such regret and tears are the great good deeds resulted out of one sin committed.

    May Allah protect you and all of us sister. Thank allah for keeping you away from them. Allah will reward you the best taking such a decision to take care of imaan. Pray for us.

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