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I am younger than the girl I love.

Marriage age differences in U.S. couples

Marriage age differences in U.S. couples

Assalamualaikum brother.
Im in a very critical situation and Im confused where to start from.
I love a girl who is a year elder than me. And she too loves me allot. I understand this is wrong in a way to get into all such things. But we all know it hard to control our feelings.
Im currently pursuing my graduation and she already completed her graduation degree.
Her parents want her to get married asap. And on my side I still need to complete my education and more over find a good job. Which could take 2 years or may be more.
We both are confused what to do , how to convience , how to talk to our parents about this. I guess the problem will only be at her side. They are of completely different mind sets.
My request to you is please guide me of how to talk or what to do to convience or plan accordingly. I will be very grateful to you.
I'll look forward for your response and hope for a relevant solution or advice.
Thank you brother.

Danish shaik

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  1. Being younger than your spouse is not a problem the prophet SAW married Khadija and he loved her so much and Khadija is one of the best of women out of the four, she was way older than the prophet and that wasn't a problem. The problem is convincing her parents when you have no job. Convince the parents your own way make du'a meet them if you're both serious show your sincerity and then InshaAllah they might Accept

  2. 1 year elder is absolutely nothing to be made fuss about . Get the nikkah done if marriage (bringing the bride to your home) is an issue . Dont get engaged if you think its hard to control feelings , aim for nikkah , ask Allah to make things easy . The world is shifting , more than degrees , skills are looked upon , you wont find a job merely on degree now , you need to have a set of skill that will add value to the company .
    So build you profile up and send over the proposal if you are genuienly serious about her else please do not indulge in any kind of unlawful actions with her that can possibly ruin her future . May Allah keep you chaste and help you Ameen

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