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I committed sins against people


i don't talk good. i have been bad with my family members. i can't ask them to forgive me. i have asked allah to forgive me. will i be forgiven?


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  1. dear you should try to talk good you try to close to ALLAH in this way you can realize your NAD behavior and become very good person and read Islamic books specially read book on HAZRAT MUHAMMAD saw in this way you can understand your matters and try to correct them when you read HAZRAT MUHAMMAD saw morals what is actual problem with you are your problem is some family problem are you deprived from family affection .

  2. Why dont you just give a try of being rather saying sorry to the same family members who you have been bad with ? Keep aside the Ego for sometime. Because it takes a lot of courage to ask for forgiveness when one realises that its been his / her blunder. There is no harm in saying a sorry. Infact the burden of feeling deprieved from the same family members affection, respect and love you would feel easy and the bond between them and you would be pretty more stronger.

    Everyone is ALLAHs creation. If you can ask for forgiveness from ALLAH what is stopping you from asking for forgiveness from the ones you have been bad with ?

    Feel at ease by just sorting this out with a simple SORRY. Trust me you will feel light and much more happier and wont even have any bad feeling and niether will those people have any grudges with you.

    Wa Salam

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