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I don’t know how to make him understand

unhappy woman, sad and alone,

Hai, I am a hindu but I believe in Allah and him alone and even wanting to revert to Islam. I am in a relationship right now. He is a muslim. We are together since one year and eight months Masha Allah. But recently we had some misunderstanding between us and he is talking so rude to me and I am totally crying all the time. I dont know how to make him understand. I feel so bad and I cant stay away from him. Please help me about this. I know suicide isn't good as it is against Islam. That is the only reason I am still alive now. I dont have any proof to make him believe. I somehow want him to understand and stop talking things which hurts me so much. How can I make him understand as he is so stubborn as well. Please help me. I really need your help😭


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  1. Dear sangeeta,

    First of all What you have to do is to convert to islam before its to late. Be sure that you want to convert to islam And follow islam step by step. And about your boyfriend if you that he cant make you happy Then you have to think What you want. Try to talk to him how you feel, And relationship in the islam is really against. Are you thinking to marry him or not. Its better to marry someone who is really Busy with islam like praying And seeking allah swt. If you convert to islam make dua And pray 5 times and seek allah And ask for help to allah swt. He knows the best And knows whats good for you. First of all sister convert to islam if you want Thats the first step What you have to do, you dont know when is your last day.

  2. Dear sister

    When u hv not done anything then stop proving yourself coz if he loves you then he ll understand you n think that what ever happe it happens for good n have trust in Allah n revert to Islam n do istikhara thn Allah swt ll definitely show u the right path,may be Allah has something better for u in future

  3. Seriously? You want to end your life because of a guy? Thats really stupid sister... Whether your a muslim or not trying to kill yourself because of a guy is just not right :/ Be strong and face your problems don't be a coward. Before doing anything just think of your parents 🙂

  4. Salaam Sister,

    If you have decided to want to revert to Islam then revert to Islam as soon as possible with the help of a Muslim sister.

    Stop all contact with the man since having contact with a non mehram is haram. Tell him to marry you if he wants to live with you.

    Be in the company of Muslim sisters and Inshallah you will find a better guy if the current guy doesn't ask you for marriage.

    May Allah give you the strength to face all difficulties.

  5. Assalam wa Alikum sister

    Alhamdulillah you are thinking about reverting to Islam and I hope inshaaAllah that Islam is in your heart and that Allah guides you and protects you.

    Asif provided the best answer but I want to add that your boyfriend is a muslim and being with you is haram for him as relationships between man and women outside marriage does not exist in Islam. Please if you don't want him to have this burden of sin then try hard to stay away from him and brake of the relationship.

    However if you cannot do this then seriously think about marriage and be strong and pursued him to marry you, making it clear you would not have any relationship with him outside of marriage. Then inshaaAllah that your marriage would be blessed and Allah would help you clear up any misunderstanding between you two.

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