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I don’t know whether Allah will forgive me or not?

Shame and guilt

Asalamualikum friends.

Please help me. I don't know whether Allah will forgive me or not.

3years back, when I was 13 years old I did a sin. That day I slept on bed with my younger sister who was 10 years old.

In the early morning... I just kept her finger on my penis for one second. I am too much ashamed of it. I didn't do any other thing.

She was in sleep and I kept her finger on my penis for 1 second and removed it because of fear.

I didn't say about this to anyone... I am just searching on internet about this from almost 10 months and now I got this site. Hope this site helps me. Now I perform everyday minimum 4 prayers and max 5 prayers... I left all vulgar things, like watching porn, movies, serials, etc.

My questions are.

1) Is she (my sister) and me still virgins?

2) Are we both chaste?

3) Did I lose my Modesty? I know my sister didn't lose her modesty because The Holy Prophet sallahu alihi wasallam said the pen is lifted from three.

a)The asleep person till he wakes up

b)The insane till he gains sanity

c)The child till he reaches puberty

Is Modesty regainable? How can I regain my Modesty??

4) As we perform ablution do we get clean like before doing this bad thing?

5) Did I and she lost anything ??

Jazakallahu khair.


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  1. Dear little un
    I am just going to give you a simple answerplus advice in the hope that it helps you.
    You did some which was inappropriate by getting your sister to touch you whilst she waswas asleep.
    You regretted it even since,it has always been on your conscious and you asked Allah swt for forgiveness.
    I'm sure Allah listens and minor mistakes we are forgiven as long as we don't repeat.
    Allah swt is forgiving and is the most merciful to him we shall return,we all ask for forgiveness as long as we don't repeat.
    Another thing I'm going to say is in Islam we siblings don't sleep with or next to each other especially after the age of ten. This is partly because we are growing up and has our hormones be all over the place we experiment ..
    I thinks its part of growing up, although its really wrong you to do that to your sibling it was just the spur of the moment. When we are in our teens we have lots of changes and with that we experiment whatever, not all but most of us do.
    Anyway its happened now and you are aware you were in the wrong so then you stopped,so please dont kick yourself about it, you were a kid. Allah swt forgives ,just next time sleep on your own.
    May Allah bless your sibling and you.Ameen.
    Take care and by you praying regular to Allah and noticing that you were wrong then Allah swt insha Allah will forgive. Ameen.
    Just keep carrying on praying Allah loves you.

  2. Hi

    It's not important whether u have lost anything, it's important if u r forgiven or not , and here is the mystery that u cannot know whther u r forgiven or not. If u r honest about ur intention , just seek forgiveness from Almighty all the time , pray 5 times and after all prayer ask for forgiveness. Do good to others and be a good person , and remember during the onset of puberty boys and girls have many abnormal desire .

  3. Although you have committed the sin three times, as long as you are alive you are given the opportunity to repent to Allāh Ta‛ālā. We are all prone to sin, however, as a Hadīth mentions, that person who does not deny his sin and turns to Allāh Ta‛ālā in repentance, Allah Ta‛ālā accepts his repentance.

    If you sincerely repent and firmly decide to give it up forever then the sin that was committed each time will be washed away as if it never occurred. This is understood from a narration in which Rasūlullāh Sallallāhu ‘alaihi wa Sallam informs us of what Allāh Ta‛ālā says:

    “My servant commits a sin then says, “Oh my Lord, forgive me for my sin.” ” So Allāh the Almighty says, “My servant committed a sin and knew that he has a Lord that can forgive sins and can punish because of sins.” Rasūlullāh Sallallāhu ‘alaihi wa Sallam mentioned this three times (i.e. this happens three times: the servant sins and repents each time). Thereafter, Allāh Ta’ālā says, “Do as you please; I have forgiven you (meaning that no matter how many times you sin, if you repent, I will forgive you.”

    Therefore, you should never despair of the forgiveness of Allāh Ta‛ālā. It is not correct to despair of Allāh’s encompassing Mercy and vast Forgiveness.


  4. It means Me and my sister are Still Virgin and chaste and Modest..DO we really are Modest too ??? Jazakallahu khair for reply dears.

  5. It means Me and my sister are Still Virgin and chaste and Modest..DO we really are Modest too ??? Jazakallahu khair for reply dears.

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