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I don’t wanna marry this guy

Assalam caleykum

I'm a 17 years old girl, one year ago, some women's came to visit my mom, and after one month, a women called from Yemen to one of those women's and said that she is looking for a good girl for her son, the son lives in the same country as me. The women called my mom and said that she liked me, and that this guy it's a good boy, with deen, from good family, good behavior, prays, and everything good. After one week they showed me his picture and I wasn't so sure about it, but my mom said that maybe he is the right and I will not lose anything trying, I wasn't happy at all about all this, but because of she said that, I accepted, and I prayed istikhara, mom and dad also did.

One week after the guy came to our home and visit us, he came home, and told about his life to my parents, after he said that he wants to see me, so I came out and I couldn't look at him but he did, he took my phone number from my dad, so he called me the next day, we talked, about principal things, age, habits, school, and whatever.

With the time we get to know each other better and better, he is mashallah, he cares about me, send me gifts, call my parents every Friday, and everything good mashallah

We decided that the wedding is on this summer, but now, when everything is ready, my clothes, the hall, the people are getting ready, I feel like I don't want to marry him, I honestly never liked him, and I never felt love for him, but he does, he shows me, he even cried one day, he could do anything for me, I don't wanna break his heart, he doesn't know yet that I don't wanna marry him, but I told my parents and they are really mad at me, my parents insulted me, and said that they will not force me, but that I did something so bad and that they will never forgive me for this, and that I will never find the right guy if I let this one go, and that my life will change forever. My mom cried and she is confused about what is she gonna tell the people, I don't really care about the people, I just care about 3 things, my parents, him, and my future, but I don't want to marry him, I really don't want, and no I don't have anyone else in my life, but he is not the man I want to share the rest of my life with, please help me, i don't have time to decide, should I marry this guy being unhappy? Or should I leave him and broke his heart?


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  1. why the comments are closed in molested by cousin post?

  2. I just care about 3 things, my parents, him, and my future.. i think you just care about yourself. how many gifts did you profit from him?
    return all the gifts first and then take decision. i know many families who earn gifts, and then break the relation. return his money . its a misuse.
    return all his gifts and the money he spent on you and your family. he would be emotionally destroyed you are about to ruin his life just because now you are not interested thanks to Allah you are not married to him otherwise it would have ended up in divorce for no reason.

  3. Plz help me my story is long

    • sofi, please submit your question as a separate post, or see other questions similar to yours that have already been posted.

      Wael Editor

  4. I posted my story 6months ago but not publish i need help seriously plz help me

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