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I don’t want to get married



I'm a girl and I don't want to get married because of my parents. I don't know how my parents will live after me. I'm the one who does all the housework and I care a lot about them. I just want to drop the idea of getting married. The only reason I agreed is that getting married is Sunnah. I'm really worried about my parents. What should I do ? Absolutely nothing comforts me. Who will look after them after me ?

Jazak Allah Khair !

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  1. "Who will look after them after me?" - Allah will.

    Make lots of dua for them and dont move too far away, like maybe find a house in the neighborhood, you can call them as much as you like and spend the weekend with them etc. Mashallah it's awesome you love your parents so much, may Allah make it as a means of you going to Jannah, ameen.

  2. Aoa sister,

    I understand what it feels like but is there no other sibling of yours that too should take on the responsibility.
    Have you spoken to your parent regarding the issue?'s a responsibility Allah has placed on them to get you settled. They will be more worried for you as time goes by.
    I have felt a similar as yours and always prayed that Allah give me a husband with whom I remain so happy that my parents feel the pleasure of my happiness. Although my mother and brother didn't like it that I was so happy. They felt threatened and now I'm distant from them and my husband is distant from me because although maintaining the distance qith my mother and brother I am on talking terms. Please do pray for me also. I believe that Allah will turn this situation into my favor. I just pray it's soon.
    But please don't make your parents worried..speak to them clearly, but do get married. This may be their biggest happiness.
    May Allah give you the best..ameen sum ameen

  3. Will getting married make you happy? How much longer do you think you will have to care for them? If it is a long time you could miss an opportunity to have the perfect husband for you because you wait. Your happiness is important, in fact one of the most important things in your life. Do not sacrifice your happiness. But what if one is hurt and the other isn't home and no one is there to help? My grandma would've died a few weeks ago if my mother hadn't been there to help her. There is many factors you have to think about. You must avoid feeling guilty. Guilt will tear you apart and make you feel miserable.The most important factor is are they near death? If not they will be fine and do not need you there. As kitkat said there are many people who could help. I would have to say get married and start a family if they don't need full time care.

  4. Allah will look after them. Also why don't u get married to someone who will move in with u and ur parents

  5. Dear Sister

    Everyone is assigned a role to serve others as assigned by nature according to the will of by Allah. Some

    roles are eternal while some are essentially transitory. The role of a mother to a daughter and vice-versa is

    essentially a transitory one in earthly life.

    A courageous woman is one who leaves the comfort of the shade of her parents and builds the shade for

    her husband and children. Such a woman gains the status of a small tree in heaven sheltering their

    children and husband with the will of Allah.

    Take Care

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