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Salamalaikom bro and sis!

I'm a Filipina and was newly converted into islam 2 yrs. Now here in Dubai and I'm 9 years separated with my husband and now he got his new family in Phillipines. I want to have a muslim family in the future but as far I know from my islamic studies muslim women committed any relationship is haram. Therefore I want to divorced my Ex husband since he have a new family now.

My questions are:

- 1st, Is there any chance I can divorce my Ex husband since he has a new family and he still a christians.

- 2nd, Do I have a chance to build a muslim family in which I can live the islam teachings with my family in future?

- 3rd Anybody can help on my case since I want to have a life time partner who can help me to live in islamic way till the end of my life. Allah Kareem 7 years now I'm dreaming to have an Muslims decent family.

I do hope your advice

Jazzaka allak khair

~ Reem

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  1. My dear sister Reem, Walaykumsalaam,

    Welcome to Islam, may Allah make this journey ahead be easy for you, aameen.

    In answer to your questions:

    1. Divorce is a Fiqh matter and hence I will advise you to consult with a qualified Mufti/Imam to talk you through the Divorce process.

    2 & 3. Your dream is a beautiful one and one which many of us desire and it is pleasing to Allah, SubhaanAllah!

    Of course you have the chance to build a Muslim family based on Islamic teachings. Just make and purify your intentions and then work out how you will go about doing this. Firstly, clarify the divorce issue with an Imam. Once this is clear, ask someone to help you find a good Muslim husband. Join some marriage bureaus in Masjids, Muslim Community Centres and spread the word that you are looking for a spouse amongst your network of friends. Be active in your hobbies and in seeking Islamic knowledge and inshaAllah look out for opportunities that Allah places in your path.

    May Allah(swt) make you successful in your achieving your dreams and may they be good for you in this life and the next, aameen.

    SisterZ Editor

  2. walaikum salam,
    you can contact any advocate their in dubai, so that u will get help in divorce. inshah allah u will follow the right path. please contact some muslim community they may help you to find a muslim partner , and inshah allah u will get a good partner, just pray to allah.
    khuda hafiz

  3. May A l l a a h fullfill your wishes and desires

  4. Brothers and Sisters

    Jazaka Allah khair. Subhannallah you had given me a strength to pursue and to be strong in my belief in Allah(SWT) and hes teachings through prophet Mohammed (SAW). Inshallah Allah will make all this things easier for me. Mashallah your advices will help me a lot and inshallah all my dreams will come true with the help of Allah (SWT)

    May Allah be with us always.


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