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I dreamt of a child with white irises…and cried from fear

Dream interpretation, dream symbolsٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ,

In my dream, I saw a beautiful child. And I was playing with that child at our home, and the child had white irises and looked odd, so I was afraid that may that the child is some kind of demon.

Then, instantly, I tried to recite Ayatul Kursi. After reciting half of it, the child's face started to change to a old man; I got afraid and forgot the other half of Ayatul Kursi, no matter how hard I tried to recite it fully.

Instead, I started to read Surah Rahman or Surah Falaq. I was so afraid I didn't know what else to do, only Allah could save me.

But what if Allah were to abandon me? This thought came to my mind at that time, and I started crying in frustration...only then did the child disappear. My dream ended here. After waking up, I read the whole Ayatul Kursi over and over again.

What does this mean?



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