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I dreamt of a child with white irises…and cried from fear

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In my dream, I saw a beautiful child. And I was playing with that child at our home, and the child had white irises and looked odd, so I was afraid that may that the child is some kind of demon.

Then, instantly, I tried to recite Ayatul Kursi. After reciting half of it, the child's face started to change to a old man; I got afraid and forgot the other half of Ayatul Kursi, no matter how hard I tried to recite it fully.

Instead, I started to read Surah Rahman or Surah Falaq. I was so afraid I didn't know what else to do, only Allah could save me.

But what if Allah were to abandon me? This thought came to my mind at that time, and I started crying in frustration...only then did the child disappear. My dream ended here. After waking up, I read the whole Ayatul Kursi over and over again.

What does this mean?


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  1. Asalamualaykum Tanzi,

    I am no dream guru, but from what you describe, maybe the dream is highlighting your fear of abandonment and is Allah's way of showing you that He will always be there for you in your weak moments and moments of need. After all, when the child's eyes turned white and you were fearful, you turned to very important Surahs sent down by Allah and revealed to the Prophet (pbuh). I mean, Surah Ar-Rahman is the very heart of the Quran. Also, the "demon child" turned into an old man, and then disappeared altogether as you started to cry. So maybe the dream is a sign that Allah is cognizant of your current level of faith and wanted to improve it by assuring you of His presence by your side. Just some can make of them what you will.

    Inshallah you will not have any dreams that are too scary or distressing for you to handle, and if you do, try to extract the positives from them...try to understand why Allah may have sent you these dreams 🙂



  2. Tanzi, it means you should not drink milk before bedtime. At least that's true for me. Dairy products before bedtime always give me weird dreams.

    In any case, your melodramatic dream means whatever it means to you. Dreams are personal. There is no fixed, external meaning attached to the images. So whatever you take from it, that is what it means. And Allah knows best.

    Wael Editor

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