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I exposed myself online

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As salamu alaikum everyone.

Two days back, I showed my private parts to someone on skype and that person recorded it and threatened to send that clip to all my contacts if I didn't send him the required money he asked. I never showed my face directly but I don't know how he got that from another webcam chat. He gave me 15-30 minutes to do the necessary arrangements for money but I immediately blocked and deleted him.I have been so distressed since that incident and I am unable to concentrate in my studies and in everything else. I can't even sleep at night. I realize that what i did was a great sin and insha Allah I will never,ever do that again! But I am freaking out that what if he posts that video of mine online. Please guide me what to do... I have been seeking help from Allah but i am still worried about him. Any dua, or advice to help me in a situation like this will be highly appreciated. Waiting for your answers.


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  1. WaAllykum salaam....well, all you have to do is pray and don't Stop asking for forgiveness. You did a wrong thing but I can't judge you. Who am I to judge. Make sure you pray all your prayers and you'll be fine inshaAllah

    • I am still terrified of what I have done, and I have sincerely repented to Allah to forgive me. And thank you for your kind advice.

  2. Does this person know you well and do they really have access to all your contacts?

    Some people threaten but can't do anything. If they don't know you and you didn't show your face...then I think it would be very hard to find your contacts.

    Make dua that nothing happens and take this as a lesson learned and ask for forgivness. Allah is most merciful and most gracious.

    • I immediately blocked and deleted him from skype as soon as he sent me the recorded video. I met that person on omegle, and at that time my camera was on. So I think he might have recorded my face from there, then the rest of the acts from skype. He told me that he would send the video to all my contacts but since he didn't have my facebook or any other ID, he couldn't show me any proof. I am still ashamed to this day about what I have done. May Allah bless you sister for your help.

  3. never send him money, what is gurantee after paying him he will not post that video online?

    Any way you learned your lessons, stay away from such childish acts.

    • That's what I found on to never pay the blackmailer. And yes brother, I have learnt my lesson and Insha Allah will never even think of doing anything so stupid like this. Thank you.

  4. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Firstly, I am not here to judge what you did - you know it was wrong and have learned your lesson.

    He is threatening you with uploading what you did to all your 'contacts.'
    There is no way he/she could find that out to start with.

    If you already blocked and deleted them from your contact list. Best thing you could have done!!
    Don't pay them any money whatsoever!! If you do - they may just keep on 'blackmailing' you for more money. It would be never-ending!! They would still 'upload' it anyway!!

    Don't worry - I would say you are not the only one they have done this to, either!!
    They are professional 'scammers,' and are just after money - blackmail is the only way they do it!!

    Allah forgives those who admit to their mistakes - you have done that.

    Pray Dua that they don't try to upload it. I doubt they would.
    They know you would be scared - that's how they work!!

    Somebody tried to do that to me 2 years ago - not for what you did, though!!
    They tried to get me to pay them $1,000 via Western Union and I refused. This was over a 3-month period.
    It scared the hell out of me, at the time.
    The best thing to do is to 'ignore' them - block and delete them, which you have done.

    I wish you all the best for the future,

    Take care,

    • Wa alaikum as salam
      He threatened me to send that to all my friends on facebook. I asked him to show me my contacts list but he didn't reply to that, which means that he was most probably lying. It has been almost 3 weeks and Alhamdulillah I haven't found any such video circulating on the internet. May Allah protect us all from such acts and guide us to the right path(Ameen). And thanks a ton for your detailed and supportive answer. May Allah bless you and your family.

  5. Salam Brother,

    Ok well this is a case of people not understanding how the internet works.

    Someone can find out who you are but it takes hard work and a lot of it. If he found out who you were relatively quickly then he may have been part of the admin team on the site you visited and maybe you used your name in the registration or payment of the service there in (which is stupid).

    If its skype then they dont have access to all your contacts and yes you can find out a lot of information from skype users.

    If you are using a reputable service like skype you can contact skype and alert them of the blackmail and they will alert the authorities.

    The money isnt made on you using the service but getting you to pay when you fall.

    Allah's mercy is boundless and he has veiled your sins this time. Be thankful, be patient with yourself and return to Allah mercy.


    • Wa Alaikum as salam brother.
      I never paid that guy. I blocked him straight away after he showed me that video. And since the conversation was on skype, I reported his ID as well and changed all my usernames and passwords.
      Allah's mercy is truly boundless. I am thankful that He has covered up my sins, and taught me a lesson. Thank you brother for your concern.

  6. Dear Sister,

    If you have not shown your face then there is no need to worry.

    Also, I would advise you to change the password on your emails and skype etc. If by chance you have told him or if he had found out the password of your accounts then he would have access to your contacts. Otherwise there is no way he could find out about your contacts.

    Did you add him on facebook ? That could be another way he could know about your contacts.

    May Allah protect your modesty.

    • I met that person on omegle first, where he might have seen my face(since it wasn't hidden) and recorded it. But later on when we met on skype, i never showed him my face. But the video he then sent me had my face visible. I am guessing he might have clipped it from omegle, then the rest of the part from skype. I changed all my usernames and passwords immediately after blocking him and no, I didn't add him on facebook.
      Thanks for your answer brother.

  7. Contact Skype and report him, as well as all the other advice above.

  8. why would you want to show your privat parts to anyone on skype?sorry im not judging you but just curious to know the psycho behind it, always wondering what people gain from it....

    • I am assuming OP is a guy. It is possible other person was a woman who wanted to SEE IT. I have been asked to SHOW few times. I am sure any one who has been into chat rooms knows this "show and tell"......curiosity about opposite sex by lonely people.....

    • It doesn't matter why. It is haram.

      Wael Editor

  9. Your name saleem is man's name .

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