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I feel like I’m nothing, I’m losing hope day by day


Assalam O Alaikum my brother & Sisters. I just can't find my answers in any one of the threads. I can't share it with anyone.

Deep inside my heart I'm in depressed state, My anxiety is all over me killing me from my inside, my emotions are killed. Im 19 years old. I want to study hard but my depression and my problems are killing me.

The problem is that I've been praying 5 times salah since I was about 13 or 14 yrs old (approximately). I always try to Perform Fajr's Salah on time. But most of the time I miss my prayers and I use to performnit with zohr, well Now these days I've been praying 5 times. I was living very peaceful I always Trust Allah, I always belive in Allah S.W.T. when I performed any wrong doing I used to got some weired feelings deep inside my heart. Perhaps I Asked Allah to forgive me. But these days i just can't feel nothing.

I Love a girl. I want to marry her, sometimes I get some pretty bad thoughts about her. But I'm avoiding those thoughts, I want to keep my nafs under my control. I want to perform Nikkah with her but I broke her heart 2 times and I'm feeling very guilty about it. I can't feel anything deep inside my heart I feel like there is no one for me. I often used to cry when I asked him to forgive me. Now a days I can't cry. I get angry easily. I dont wanna hurt anyone with my rough behaviour or with my anger behaviour. I love Allah but I feel like he don't like me. I just dont want to give up my hopes in Allah. I love him alot. But I know I shouldn't be saying like that it's wrong although. What actually can I do? Im very worried. I told you all that I broke her heart twice now im feeling very guilt I apologize to her she forgives me twice. We want to perform Nikkah.

Please help me I can't feel any type of feeling in my heart I pray salah but I can't find peace in my life. Although I'm very thankful to Allah swt that he blessed me with his blessings. I don't know what to do I really want to marry her. And I want to trust Allah. But I can't find any hope.

Please Guys I did bad deeds, I think God is punishing me. I love My Allah. But I'm unable to find hope and trust in him. Please help me any possitive Comment as my answer will be appreciable. Please Help me! I can't share it with anyone. Thankyou my brothers and sister.


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  1. Assalama Alaikum brother,

    Everyone goes through depression in this life, cause that's way Allah created this world: to see if we stood strong by him, or fell on butts and cried. Allah is testing you, and praying and making dua will help you pass that test. Brother, if you can't get through this yourself, talk to your family or an imam. You also talk about these feelings you have for your future wife. If you both want to marry at this age, fantastic. But really go over it with your family and see what they think. I hope you get better, inshAllah. Have a great day!

    • Salam.
      I hope this reaches you in the best of health and iman. I have been feeling quite depressed lately and can relate to what you are saying. It can feel like a very lonely world when we have no one to talk to about our problems and you end up feeling more isolated and depressed. I think the best thing to do and what really helps me is when I'm worrying about my problems I find a quiet place alone, close my eyes and pray to Allah out loud telling him all my problems and asking for help. I think this can be very powerful as when you say your problems aloud it helps you solve them in your mind aswel. It also allows you to put your faith fully into Allah and know that he has put you through these trials to make you a better person. Once I have prayed to Allah sincerely I feel like those worries and burdens have been lifted and I feel much better and able to face the world. The best time to make dua to Allah is after sunrise before sunset and during the night but whenever you are feeling anxious just pray. Also saying Astaghfirullaha repeatedly throughout the day can help as when you ask for forgiveness Allah opens doors for you as well. Also reciting surah yaseen the heart of the Quran I find very calming as well as surah rahman wich also reminds you of all the blessings you have around you. In regards to your marriage issue you should speak to someone about it seems like the root to your problems. It often feels to difficult to speak to those around us but remember they care about you and love you and will be understanding. You have to have patience and persevere. This is a bit long and rambly but I hope it has helped 🙂

  2. Salam, almost one month before I posted my question here because my marriage is in critical condition, so I am waiting for reply eagerly from you people. I have to take a life changing decision. So please brother Wael post my question as soon as possible


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