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I get bad thoughts when I offer prayer

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Assalumulaikum !

Iam a 15 years girl.  I don't think so I am a bad girl . I am very good at my studies,  I hardly miss any Nimaz (prayer) I never watch porn but I don't know from a few days naked men pictures are coming in my mind, sometimes I think about naked women and sex too, I am not in any relationship nor have I done intercourse. But yes I do know about porn.

I try a lot to change my mind  but they come in my mind especially when I am offering my prayer! I am really confused and worried.

I would be waiting for your response

~A teenager

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  1. Salaam Sis
    That happens 2 most for sum Bizare reason
    its jus Shaytan controlling ur mind
    try and listen 2 english naats/ nasheeds
    and try and picture the Ka'bah in ur head wen praying
    dont ley Shaytaan distract u
    Mashallah u are trying very hard 2 be a good muslim

    Good Luck
    Miss H

    • even i have the same problem i am trying to get out of it please help me ALLAH

      • these are thoughts whispered by satan in your ear, mind and heart. every muslim person who follows Allah's path get these thoughts and satan tries to divert him/her from Allah's path. be static and never listen to him (i mean don't think over these thoughts) these thoughts are symptoms of Iman. don't leave your good deeds because of these thoughts otherwise the motive of satan will be full filled. if these thoughts come in your mind it is not sin even if thoughts like any thing (kufr, gustakhi, shirik every sort of) they will n ot be counted as sin but if you stop your good deeds because of them than it will be considered as sin. when any such thought come in your mind recite "aman tu billa hi va rasooli hi" or aozobilla hi manasshayatan nir rajeem" or qull aozobi rabbin naas" or look at you left side and say "tho" three times, sounds like when we spit (don't have to spit actually). but above all don't stop yourself doing good deeds no matter how bad thought comes in your mind otherwise satan will win in his motives

    • Assalam walekum
      Today when I pray thajjud and fajr in I'm imagination pig come when I go to shoojd ..what I do I'm so confused and my Salah is acceptable ??

  2. AA;

    Of course this is Shaytan coming to you at these times when you are trying to pray. Some start to think about work during salat, some think about spouses, about frineds, about an idea to make money, sports, etc etc etc. Maybe yours are more sexual because of your age, body changes, friends talks, etc.

    You just have to keep focusing. When it happens, say "Aoth billah min alshaytan alrageem", and focus againon salat.

    You are not alone in this, we all do lose focus during salat.

    May ALLAH guide us, grant us patience, and shower us with his mercy.

    If I am correct, it is from ALLAH. If I err it is from me, and I pray ALLAH forgives me. Allah knows best.


  3. Salaam sister, Your problem is common, your at a developing age and shaytan is trying to input wrong so that you deviate from islam as you get older, my advice is before you offer prayer, lightly spit to your left hand side and recite the shahadah, this is because shaytan always stands on our left hand side, and when you spit and recite he will run away and your mind will be clear of these thoughts, another thing is keep your eyes focussed on the point where your head touches the prayer mat, do not move them and so by not changing your line of sight you stay focussed and avoid your mind seeing nearby items or things which could trigger your memory towards those wrong thoughts.
    When i was your age, i was similar and i found wearing scent(ithar) helped me focus, because everytime i would smell the scent i would imagine myself infront of the ka'bah, and thoughts could not creep in, since the state of freshness and scent would keep me focussed.

    I would recommend you do the above and you be fine inshaAllah.
    Hope this helps

  4. Salam sis,

    I do know how you feel, I felt that too sometimes, but, lemme tell you something tht I did to overcome it. I pictured the word "ALLAH" in my mind. Its so easy. Hope it hepls sis

  5. with this constant situation does one have to repeat wudu or is it safe just to ignore it and continue salat normally?

    • Asalaam alaikum,

      Divergent thoughts do not invalidate wudu, unless there is a sexual secretion from the loins during prayer. If that happens, then wudu and the prayer should be repeated unless the person is suffering from an involuntary chronic condition.

      • But how am I supposed to know if it is Mahdi that gets secreted or normal vaginal discharge.,,,, Please know that I suffer from excessive vaginal discharge and a great deal of waswas in my worship (including wudhu, ghusl, prayers)

        • Salamualaikum,

          Sister, you can differentiate based on the description of Madhi and Maniyy given by the Ulama. It is the following:

          with feelings of physical pleasure, whether in a wet dream, when having intercourse or in some other way. This is taahir (pure) and is not naajis (impure). What a person must do in the case is ghusl, because Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “If you are in a state of Janaaba (i.e. after a sexual discharge), purify yourselves (bathe your whole body)” [al-Maa'idah 5:6]

          And apart from the times when you are menstruating, you can take the fatwa from a similar issue insha Allah:

          The Standing Committee was asked about a man who suffered from urinary incontinence – how should he purify himself for prayer and tawaaf?

          They replied: If the situation is as you described, there is nothing wrong with your praying and doing tawaaf even if some urine comes out of you, so long as it is coming out continuously, because you come under the same ruling as those who suffer from incontinence. So you have to wash yourself with water when the time for prayer begins, then do wudoo’ for prayer, after which it will not matter what comes out of you until the time for the next prayer comes. Fataawa al-Lajnah al- Daa’imah, 5/408

          Further, read this to differentiate between madhi and maniyy:

          Let not the Shaitaan plant a seed of doubt in your mind when it comes to your Ibadah. When you follow a course, be firm on it and don't doubt if it was madhi or maniyy.

          And Allah Knows Best
          Muhammad Waseem

    • That doesn't break your wudu just keep going back on track whenever you lose focus Allah reminding you to get back in track shows he cares about you 🙂

  6. yes,it's true.even i get thoughts of sex. i'm very confused. can somebody explain me whwther it's haram or not

  7. hi sister well its a struggle between ur mind and body. since u r 15 ur internal feelings exhibits. thinking about nude pics or sex during praying s not a crime in fact sex is godness. thing is what u think more is what u do that's how people used to say think good things. if a person repeatedly undergone sexual imaginations that may lead to some consequences as per the sayin too much of anything is good for nothing but sexual imaginations won't harm anyone unless otherwise u don't think about it too much. during prayer its tough to digest but u don't worry its matter of time Allah never punish u until ur imaginations creates any harness... don't worry about imaginations just be careful on ur actions...god is always with people whose actions r good he don't care about imaginations...

  8. Assalam Alaikum,

    Im Getting lot of problem with bad thoughts during prayer in ramzan tooo especially in taraweeh namaz, and also bad voices in my head comes during salah, i dont know how to get rid of these things even after every little bit of minute i seek refuge with allah but even though i suffer from these thoughts and voices which is very very bad about allah, so pls suggest me what to do to get rid of these huge problem and when i think about allah and his messenger i get very ridiculous thoughts so pls suggest me what to do to get rid of these thoughts as it is making worst the enjoyment of Salah and pls send me some effective refuge dua of waswas and khushoo and i dont know whether its a sin or not....... Khuda hafiz

    • Syed, if you are literally hearing voices then you need to consult a mental health professional immediately, as you may be suffering from mental illness. If you just mean that bad thoughts intrude, then seek refuge with Allah from Shaytan, and keep trying to push those negative thoughts away. I used to have the same problem when I was young - not negative thoughts about Allah, but unwanted thoughts in general - but for some reason the problem diminished and disappeared as I got older, Alhamdulillah.

      Wael Editor

    • I have the same problem, please let me know how I can get rid of these very very bad thoughts

  9. >Asslam o allykum, I also have alot of problems like bad thoughts i am 26y old but due to some family problems i promised with myself i will not get married But as a female i sexual relationship is need of every human being. Now i watch bad pictures and bad vedio clips to control myself. I don,t want to do this but i am helpless plz help me i want to get rid of this big problem,otherwise i will become mad very soon. plz help me.

    • Noor, we have published many posts on dealing with pornography addiction. Please search our archives.

      Wael Editor

      • I have the same problem which Noor highlighted and I have tried all my best to get rid of this stuff. May Allah "swt" help me on all of problems.i need archive to read. May Allah allow it to be of hel for me

  10. As salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakhtullahu, I have this problem and still struggle with it outside of salat. One thing I have learned to do is: 1. seek help from other Muslims, since this eases it and relaxes the mind a little for me knowing that others struggle with this. 2. Change the bad thoughts around, you have the power to do this, for example, if I think bad thoughts of about making salat, then I would reverse it and think "salah is stupid...(adding to the thought...) is what an unbeliever would think. This turns the bad thought into a neutral or good one. If I see a beautiful scantily clothed woman I think about my wifes beauty and about the one glance rule of our Prophet sallalahu alahi wa selim. I hope this helps, I do still have problems from time to time, but Allah Most High knows my intentions are not to have these thoughts and to rid myself of them. 3. Allah Most High has permitted shaitan to roam and mislead till the hour and one must always be on their guard since evil comes from all directions and in many forms, including mentally with thoughts.
    Wa Alaiku Salat us salam

  11. An inciddent that had happened to me was that when i was praying befor the prayer i said (Auwidie-BiLALLAH-MIN A SHAWITHEEN- A RAGEEM ) and gently spitted towards the left not acutally spitting but minmiciking a small degree of it.When you do this the shaytheen goes away and doesnt distract u in namaaz and i did this once i did i saw a shawdow leaving the room in which i pray and now some people might say it could have been family memmbers but my family memmbers were sitting in the living room and then how are they capble of making that shawdow? and when i prayed my namaaz MashAllah there wasnt any distractions in my Salah so i thank the all mighty.

  12. Your comment confuses me. Maybe I'm just bing ignorant but I don't understand why ALL pictures or TV would be haraam. They didn't exist when the Quran was written.

    • They are not haram (unless the subject matter is haram). I have deleted the comment in question.

      Wael Editor

      • Omg even i get the same i get horrible thoughts in my mind when im praying im a good muslim started praying snice last week ma sha allah i cant get these thoughts out of my mind

  13. Salam alakum does the salah have to be repeated if i do think of something sexual

  14. Salam do you have a personal email i can email you with?

    • Mahmood, we do not allow the exchange of private contact information, sorry.

      Wael Editor

      • Thats fine, well over the last few months i have developed a bad habit of thinking unusual and sexual stuff during salat and even wudu although i try my best not to it still manages to get to me, i try to continue the salat but at the end of it i always feel worried like i haven't prayed properly and it will always be in my mind for the rest of the day and this is a continuous cycle that happens everyday and it always puts me in a bad mood. I do overthink a lot of the times and i feel like im changing to a negative person because of all the thoughts, its become a big problem in my life and im struggling to overcome it, it has also become a very bad distraction. Have you got any ideas/advice you can give to me to help thank you for reading.

  15. Salam, I have been getting bad thoughts in my head everytime I pray because when I think about it in one salah, then in the other salah I remember what I thought about. I pray again and I think im praying wrong because Im not focusing. I pray really quick so I would have less pictures in my mind. YA ALLAH HELP ME. I hear nasheeds sometimes a little arabic music because I cant control myself and I feel guilty. Will Allah punish me for this on Judgement Day? I didnt mean to think about all this haram things. Im a religous person I know whats going to happen on Judgement Day and I know a lot about Islam. Help.

  16. Salam sis, I have gone through the same situation but now I am much better. I am also a teenager, 17 to be precise. What I did is that after every prayer I pray to Allah "Ya Qudoos(Allah's name meaning Pak) Rab , please clean my heart"

  17. I also don’t know why my Mind give me negative thaught coming In my mind between in namaz (prayer)

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