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I got married as a muslim man with a non believing woman

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My wife is a non-believer...

Hello guys i need people with knewlege to help me out here please. I got married with a non believing woman, she is not a cristain neither a jews no will she worship idols. she is absulutly not in to religion thing. I love her so much thats why i got married to her and now she is pregnanat we expecting a child. But i as a man i never ones miss my prayers, ramadan, reading quran, giving charity and specially helping my family (mom, dad, sisters, brothers) to see to it that food is on the table. What should i do? My wife believe in nothing. Am doing my level best to bring her to islam, if that happen do we need to renew our marrage? We are expecting a kids and we promise the kid will be muslim because i as the father am a muslim and we even already choose an islamic names for the kid. WHAT SHOULD I DO??


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  1. Assalam-o-Alaikum Brother,

    She is already at that stage: There is no god. You just need to tell here, "except Allah". May Allah guide her. Ameen.


  2. Asalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu,

    Agreed with the brother above (Danish Qureshi), however, I would like to just say that patience will play a huge part in this. You need to remain patient and remember that your actions speak louder than words. If you want to show her the beauty of Islam, embody the Sunnah of our beloved Messenger, Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

    Be kind, forebearing, just, loving, helpful, truthful, trustworthy and don't sever your ties with Allah, for He won't neglect your dua's. Over time, Allah may open her heart and guide her to the truth.

    Also, the other major responsibility you have is being a good father to your child. Rasising a child upon Islam with love and compassion is a must, you do not want to drive your child and his/her mother away. Be vigilant in your actions and remain aware of Allah at all times.

    Of course, marrying somone who has no deen is prohibited, but Allah is All Merciful, Oft Forgiving, keep making tawbah, follow the Sunnah and keep making dua and Allah will always do what is best.

  3. A.o.a is your solution .... Now just READ this comment carefully ...we know that anthesis don't believe in Allah but they do believe in science and they say that its a universal truth..And alhumdulliah there is NOT A single scientific facts in the Holy Quran which is proved wrong by science ..... Beacuse Allah is the creator ... Thats why this book is free from All mistakes... Click the link and watch this video Quran in the light of scientific facts ... Maybe this 2 hour video can change your life ... pray for me and please do reply me if this works...thanks

    • Do not try this. With the same ease you can find videos and online articles debunking the very same claims of "scientific facts" in the Quran. You would only embarrass yourself.

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