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I had a dream I got married to someone besides my husband

Not every dream means something

Salaam everyone, I hope everyone is doing great Inshallah.

I had a dream lastnight that I got married to someone else and I was very happy and was in love.

But I'm married. Why am I having this kind of dream of being married to someone else.

Help me. Please.

~Muslimah Angel

(Editor's note: also see this author's previous post here: "I have no love for my husband.")

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  1. Salaam My Sister,

    This sounds like a simple wish-fulfilment dream. When we sleep, our sub conscious thoughts come to surface, and we can live out our hopes, wishes, fears and anxieties through dreaming. A hungry person may dream of food, a suspicious person may dream of betrayal, a person who is going through exams at school may dream of passing or failing, if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant you may dream of children, childbirth or motherhood. Children often dream of flying or having superpowers, or if they are afraid they will dream that there are monsters under the bed.

    Dreams can be positive or negative in emotion depending on a person's state of being regarding the topic at hand.

    In this case you have dreamt of being in a happy marriage, being in love etc - if these are things your heart desires, and these are things that you think about, then it is only natural that you will dream about them - especially if you do not have them in real life. Your mind is releasing your subconscious thoughts whilst you sleep so that you may experience and process them.

    There is usually no greater meaning to dreams than this.


    Editor, Islamic Answers

    • What if you dream about marrying the love of your life and are happy but while already married to another guy? That was my dream today. Please reply

  2. As salam alaikum,

    Dear sister i just read your old post.

    It seems that you are pretty lonely in dealing with all the pressure and your feelings.

    At the end of the day you and only you will have to take a decision: either you stay with your husband or you get a divorce with all the consequences that are inlvolved. But before that i would advise you to talk personaly to an imam or somebody of knowlegde who will advise you according to sunnah and quran

    You cannot carry on being unhappy neither does your husband. You fight all the time, you argue , intimacy is a chore. In islam marriage is based on love and compassion . There is none of that, at least not on your side.
    So you will have to make a choice and before you have children because things will get more complicated.

    One day a lady told me that "choosing means renouncing" either you stay with husband, and you renounce being happy and finding love. . You go and your parents will shun you for a while plus all the pressure etc...

    There is a hadith to the effect of my own word : a woman came to the Prophete(
    Pbuh) complaining that she disliked her husband.He(pbuh) asked her if there was something wrong with him but she said no she just didn't like him. Well the Prophet (pbuh)asked the man to divorce her in exchange she had to return her dowry which was a garden.

    And your dream doesn't necessarily means something .

  3. Salamu'alaikum,

    sister, dreams are of three types:

    1. Good Dreams from Allah
    2. Bad Dreams from Shaitaan
    3. Dreams from daily routine

    First, these are the good dreams that please you and are from Allah. They are glad tidings from Allah, and sometimes show you a way to choose in your life. If you have such dreams, thank Allah for them, narrate them only to those you trust.
    Second, these are from Shaitaan to scare you and actually do make some meaning. When you have bad dreams, you should not narrate them to anyone whatsoever, and if you wake up after dreaming, spit thrice on the left side (spit consisting of air and little droplets of spit), seek refuge in Allah from it's interpretation and from Shaitaan, then either go back to sleep by changing the direction from how you'd slept earlier (while you dreamt), or get up, perform ablution and offer Salaah.
    The third type of dreams are from the sub-concious and make little or no meaning. They are a result of excessive thinking about something.

    What you mentioned seems to be the third type. Hence, I advice you to keep this aside and concentrate on the love for your husband you mentioned in your previous question.

    Muhammad Waseem

  4. Thank You Guys So Much May Allah Reward You
    And Grant You Heaven janaat 🙂

  5. my Friend Also Told me She saw a dream that i
    had a baby and the baby was so cute i dont know what is
    going on 🙁

  6. aoa
    i m gonna get married thats why i m looking a girl to get married.i ve been talking with a girl for 3months. that girl is married.the problem there is no relation for more than 1year with her husband but she lives with her husband
    coz her husband had a realtion with a girl before marrige, when that relation had broken up than this guy get married with this girl whome i m talking.after marrige girls husbands previous relation has his husband try to leave her for any the time his husband try to find negative point of her and making clash.her husband also get alcohol beer .her husband use to drug addicted before marrige and after marrige her husband also continue that drug but she does'nt knw.coz she doesnt knw the aprocement of adictet person.but i told her some simptom of addicted persons thats all of has matched with her husband i thik so he is continue that hasbeen for 3 times they tried to get separation but girls parents sent back her to her husband house.her husbant also wants to divorce her.coz her husnband wanna get married to his previous girldfriend

    my qus is 2 month ago i had bad dream with that girl i was being with her and time to to time her face going to be change and she is weeping and her face was awful .i ve seen also where i m working that is a shop.i ve seen in my dream my shop has been many part and my father in there and i had asked my father who did this my father said to me i ll b fixed before shop would be close.
    now i cant understand what i m gonna do?that girl saying to me her present relation wont continue.maybe with in 1 year it go through to divorce. i m sceared about my bad dream.what the mening of that dream?what i m goona do.that girl is crying to say recue her .but i cant understand coz of my bad dream.plz tell me what the meaning of that dream .still i m in uk.that girl live in bangladesh.

    • Assalamualaikum Mallama,
      I dreamt I got married to a lady that was already married, but we where in a relationship, and marriage agreement with her, before getting married to another guy. And I did not get to Know of her wedding until after three days of marriage with heartbroken..
      And now I am having this kind of dream again please help me

      • Isah, these dreams do not necessarily mean anything. Most dreams are just images generated by your own mind. The Prophets (peace be upon them) used to have true dreams, and a mu'min can have a true dream as well. But jumbled dreams like the one you describe are just dreams.

        Wael Editor

  7. I read the previous post....I am hvng similar situation. parents forced me fr gettin married. ...I tld dem I dnt lik him...still dey did...nw its two years...still am nt able to love dat man....I dnt wnt to be in dis ...aam dyin each day...wat is d solution. ...if I tell ma husband ..he ll mak a great issue...nd it ll affect my famiky...i am afraid coz ma father is a heart patient...nd ma mother too...I fear abt ma husbands nd hia families curse..please smebdy sugget a way which is islamic....

  8. I had a dream that someone's wife is my wife ??

  9. Hi ,i woke up next to my husband telling me he dreamt i am marrying some one else ,an i was crying he said, i was astonished cause i had a similar dream that he left and said im marrying a guy he had chosen for me ,and i was crying saying no how could he do this to me, what can this really mean.

  10. I saw many dreams of a same person who I know in my real life...

    • fatima, these dreams don't necessarily mean anything. If you want guidance from Allah, pray Istikhara then do what feels right to you, and trust that Allah is guiding you to what is best.

      Wael Editor

  11. I had a dream I remarried my husband

  12. Hi,
    I'm already engaged but I've dreamed two times that I'm marrying to other person but I'm crying for the person I'm engaged with.
    It's happened two time, why?
    Even last night my fiance saw that she's already engaged with me and getting with the other one and she's hiding her hands
    I'm literally afraid of these dreams
    Please help me friends.

  13. Do not get married at 16 u could mess up your life

  14. Assalamwalaikum
    I had a dream after fajar that a friend of mine called me up and made peace with me since we had fought.the next thing I remember is that Iam getting married to my father's cousin who is already married and has 2 kids.none of my friends are informed about my wedding so I call up one of them and inform them about it..I don't seem to be happy in my wedding what does this signify

    • Syeda: In her dream............... I am getting married to my father's cousin who is already married and has 2 kids.none of my friends are informed about my wedding so I call up one of them and inform them about it..I don't seem to be happy in my wedding what does this signify

      How old is your father's cousin? Are looking for a second marriage with a married older guy with kids?

  15. I had a dream I married my girl best friend I’ve had the same dream 4 times and I’m also a girl umm what dis mean

  16. i had a dream of my already married sister s wedding in a very good environment, things had been done happily in a dream but now a days she is facing extreme problems in her married life due to her mother in law.

  17. actually my dad passed away and my mom is a single mother...i had a dream about my mom getting married to someone else..and she had children in that dream in that dream i dissagree for second marriage but my mom against that and married that guy in my dream,,, in that dream i had drug snd suicide myself she had been arrested for some kind a case..what is that meaning of that dream

  18. Viya: i had a dream about my mom getting married to someone else..and she had children in that dream in that dream i disagree for second marriage but my mom against that and married that guy in my dream,,, in that dream i had drug and suicide myself she had been arrested for some kind a case..

    This has more to do with what you think about your mom. Do you THINK your mom is trying to hook up with some one or wants to get married? Drugs and suicide may indicate you have problem with depression. It is your dream you could have stopped her from getting married.

  19. I am married. But i believe this marriage is not for me. Al we do is fight and argue. But for the past 2 years i have been dreaming about one man who i know personally. He is my pastor. I keep having this dream where he is telling me " It should have been me and not him. I love you marry me." And i so often have dreams where i am marrying him.

    My pastor always call me daily to check to see how i am doing and if i am ok. I do the same thing as well. I am one of his Ministers. But he has taking a liking to me. I know he is instersted in me but he will not breake his silence because of who is in Christ. Is this just a lust dream or did i actually marry the wrong man?

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