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I had an alcoholic drink, what can I do to get forgiveness?

I'm 19 years old, I drank alcohol before when I was younger, but my visions of my faith were skewed due to my family and the problems we have had (very severe), which affected me then. This year, I am happy to say I found Islam in my heart, I feel a true connection with Allah.

But I am so angry, disgusted and upset at myself because last night I gave into weakness and had an alcoholic drink. I know and knew it was wrong, in some cases unforgivable, and I now carry this strong sense of not only guilt but shame. I know now that the benefit is NO way near as great as the sin. I understand my prayers will not be accpeted for 40 days, but can I still read and teach the Quran? Is there anything I can do to express my remorse? Fast or give zakaat? I really need spiritual guidance. Please help.

- Sister H., England

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  1. Asalam Alaykum Warhamatullah Wabarakatuu
    Mashallah it is so good you feel so much regret for your sin of drinking and you should never dispare of the mercy of Allah (Swt). If we did not commit sins Allah (Swt) would wipe us out and create another creation. Allah (Swt) loves those who turn to him in repentance. Mashallah you have repented to Allah (Swt) and have promised not to ever return to the same sin again. Allah (Swt) says even if my servants sins were as big as the ocean and he asked for my forgiveness I will forgive that person. Not only this, He Inshallah will also turn your sin of having a drink in a weak moment to a good deed. You just need to keep well away from any outside influence, eg any company or place where you will feel tempted to drink again and always seek refuge in Allah (Swt) from the Satan, he is an enemy to us so treat him like an enemy. Do not also make the fatal error of stop praying your Salah, as this is one of the tricks of Satan, he will come to us and whisper things like "are you going to pray now after what you have done or said you hypocrite". He will play on your emotion of having deep regret for having a drink and then try and pull you away from performing your duty to Allah (Swt). Be on your guard from Satan and do not let him win Inshallah. Allah (Swt) Inshallah will accept your repentance and this mistake you have made in a time of weakness could also be just the thing that will bring you closer to Allah (Swt). May Allah (Swt) forgive me and forgive all the believing men and women for all sins. Ameen. May Allah 9Swt) help you become strong in your Iman. Ameen.

  2. I also forgot to mention yes of course you can still read and teach the Quran and continue to perform other good deeds including giving charity and fasting 🙂 Remember the good deeds also wipe out the bad deeds so never give up 🙂 Walikum Salam

  3. SALAM! thank you so much mashallah! for me i have commited the same sin and after i feel really guilty and i am in the same position and i wish i never have done it i cried so much nonstop thats how guilty i feel and i know whatever i do i can never hide form Allah so thank you so much for this advice i will try hard to get forgivenessf rom Allah cause this is my frist time having a drink and actually getting drunk so thank you so much once again Walikum Salam! 🙂

  4. Salamu Aleikum
    i had the same story :S but even in Ramadan my prayer wont be accepted for 40 days ??

    • If you are faithful and your prayers are honest. Allah swt knows best he'll accept it. Just dont skip prayers.

  5. Assalamu alaikum,I belong to a Christian Church during holy communion we have to taste 1 drop of wine. I have accepted the faith of Islam from my heart but no one knows this in my family ...I know drinking alcohol is haram in Islam but if I'll not take communion.. I will be in great trouble..I don't know what should I do...please help me.

    • Aisha, you have not said how old you are. Also you have not said how your family will react if you tell them that you have become Muslim. If it's just a matter of them being angry with you, then I say go ahead and tell them. But if you fear that they might beat you or kick you out of the house, then continue to keep your secret and take the communion. At least until you are old enough move away for university, or get a job and support yourself. Allah will not punish you for what you are forced to do.

      Wael Editor

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