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I have 2 questions I hope you can answer?

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I have two question.

(1-question):-I have a hindu friend. I would like to know is Islam allow friendship between the hindu & muslim's people? If yes ,could I take food at her home when she invite me .

(2-question):-Is Islam allow baby shower ?

Please let me know. ALLAH HAFEJ.


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  1. friends are friends be kind to everyone hurt no one ....respect your elders be merciful to your youngsters everything you need to know is in the lifestyle of Muhammad S.A.W who is the best example and the best of creation. Eating things that are Halaal but be careful you dont want food that has been read upon or blessed with there idols. Other then this your ok....but we wise remember your duty as a muslim. Baby showers are only for what?????If muhammad didnt do it then dont do it because its the practice of christians mostly. Its waste of money time and no blessings in this gathering.The only headache is that when you find out your baby is colic? understand. Like said look at the sunnah so you can get the full blessings

  2. Islam does not allow friendship between a man and woman (though i have male friends and christian women , Hindus, atheists as well) but the truth is you cant befriend opposite sex be it from any religion,
    further more Islam warns us to stay away from non Muslims cause they are not that much trust worthy. besides this you should behave well with them cause we are all equal as a human being. if you want to do baby shower you can do i dont think there is any restriction to celebrate the birth of a child

  3. A baby shower is not a religious practice. It is a non-religious, non-cultural celebration where a new mother is "showered" with gifts for her baby. Of course you can attend a baby shower.

  4. Of course, friendships are allowed between Hindu and Muslim. Nothing in Islam forbids that. However, God says in the Quran not to take Jews and Christians as guardians, for they are guardians of each other. You have to keep this in mind about Hindu people as well. Not to take them as "guardians", but you can befriend them. Just stay devoted to God's path, and ask God to guide you to the right path, often. Because, who knows? Maybe you are doing something you think isn't allowed, but actually is. It's a possibility.

    About baby showers, it is a non-religious, non cultural practice. Nothing wrong with it.



  5. As-salamu Alaykum,
    I read the link posted by muslima01, and it is unfortunate that even after the author explained exhaustively and quite convincingly why baby showers are permissible in Islam, some people continue to doubt and question, thereby causing stress and difficulty for themselves and others. Baby showers are not uniquely Christian; almost every culture has some version of a baby shower, which is merely a means of providing a new mother with support and gifts, which may include money, food, clothing, diapers, and other necessities for both her and her new baby. To say that such gatherings are devoid of blessings is simply not accurate, especially when the whole point of a baby shower is to unite women in sisterhood as they perform good deeds.

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