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I have an unknown illness………..

Sir, basically I am facing health problem since 8 to 9 years. I have an unknown digestion problem. My medical test are cleared. My blood is healthy and due to this problem I am facing red eyes, severe weakness, weight loss, fatigue, dark circles, indigestion, bloating and facial weakness. I also consulted General doctors and I went to every famous and specialized doctor, homeopathic and hakeem but unfortunately I am still facing this problem.

Now due to this problem I am facing depression. I want to suicide but when I think that it is haram and I will be put in hell after death then I quit this thinking. I often pray to ALLAH for help but my prayers are not accepted. Sometimes I feel that I have given reward for my sins. I often pray to ALLAH while crying. I want to know what type of problem I am facing. Please tell me what I am facing. Is it Test or punishment from ALLAH or is it a magic????????????

raja zubair 619

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  1. Assalamu alaykum,
    I can't tell you what kind of illness you have but it's for sur a test from Allah swt. Did you ever hear of blackseed oil??? There is a Hadith about it, Mohammad sws said it will cure every disease except death. I would highly recommend you start taking some, egyptian cold press blackseed oil, 3times a day for at least 6month or even longer, if you don't see any improvment at all in the first 6weeks than dont give up just change the brand of the blackseed oil, make sur you buy the egyptian cold press one. I don't your eating habits but try to improve and only eat healthy food and drink loads of water. Also I woukd recommend you to get some yemeni sidr honey or if you can't find it in your country than some good quality manuka honey and take it after each meal. Try to not stress too much and be patient, I know it's hard but insh'Allah you will be rewarded for it as Allah swt said there is a cure for every disease, don't forget to not give up, put your trust in Allah swt and make loads of sincere dua and pray all your daily prayers on time, insh'Allah Allah will heal you.

  2. Salam,

    First of all, may Allah give you back your health. I am a nutritionist, I would love to help but without knowing all the details, medical history, seeing your blood test results... is difficult to tell. The digestive system is interconnected to other major systems. If it goes wrong, lots of ailments might happen.
    Have you seen a gastroenterologist? Have you had an endoscopy to try to find out what is going on inside? Or a colonscopy? They are both very important in finding any illnesses. A biopsy is often performed.
    You need to have sabr when it comes to your health and accept what Allah is sending your way.
    I fully agree with Muslimgirl, try manuka huney, pure black seed oil.


  3. Do you remember how this problem started? What happened during months before your problem started?

    Did you have any digestive problems or other health problems before this problem started? Do you work? Do you have friends?

    Did any of the doctor suggested you to see a Psychologist?

  4. I had these same problems, still hav.. but very much recovered.. my problem wad food allergy.. I am allergetic to certain foods, like prawn, shell items, wheat etc.. now I am totally avoiding these foods.. and getting better now.. and drink plenty of water.. u pls google abt these food allergies there r different types of food allergies.. ur symptoms r mostly like to b a food allergy.. I am not 100% sure.. I think u should hav nasal congetion too.. I am taking anti histamine medicins.. not everyday , coz I don't wan to. food allergy cause the histamine release and make these problems..

  5. salaam,

    may Allah give you shifaa. keep praying and be patient Insha'Allah..


  6. Assalam alaikum,

    Brother, there is a chance you may be allergic to wheat/gluten. Talk to your doctor about Celiac Disease and have them do a preliminary test. To confirm this test, they will have to do an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy while you continue eating wheat/gluten.

    Until nothing is confirmed, please avoid going to homeopathic/hakim doctors. They can be instrumental in helping a person recover, but they can also do damage if they do not know what they are dealing with. Please go to an allopathic doctor (specialist perferably) and have more tests done focusing on allergies.

    Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose something that isn't linked to the basic blood tests done, so do not give up hope--inn shaa Allah, you will find out soon. May Allah grant you shifa, Ameen.

  7. Aslamoalkum

    Try to recite last Aya of Surra TOBA in para 11 from Hasibeyalah ho..........till end(10 times in morning and afternoon)

    Try one Totka add two teaspoonful of Apple cider vingar in one glass of water in morning and night

    Don't drink any water during and half an hour after meal

    Alway walk 3 miles after dinner

    Most of the time do wird of 5th Kalma

  8. Hi, it's such a coincidence that yesterday I was reading on Bilaal philips interview on jinn possession and it's a book he wrote but u can read it online as he has 7 interviews and he spoke about healing people from jinn possession and when asked where does the jinn affect men he replied mainly the digestive area and I just suddenly remembered it today, so please get your self checked by a raki, I may be wrong but it's worth staying safe. If it's all clear u may be suffering due to gluten problem, and stay away from vaccines and mercury as they destroy the digestive system as I know due to having a autistic son and if u have mercury fillings take them out safely by a holistic dental practice. Wsalaam

    • Assalaamualaikam

      There is no scientific evidence that vaccines can cause autism or cause any permanent damage to the digestive system.

      Vaccination can protect children from many serious illnesses, and vaccination programmes are associated with significant improvements in the numbers of children surviving their early years.

      Midnightmoon editor

      • There is no scientific evidence that vaccines actually protect children from many serious illnesses either, and there is no evidence of being immune once you come into contact with the diseases. Anyway why would there be any scientific evidence as the very people who are injecting you are the NHS and the government is founding them for this and why would they provide any evidence when they are making millions of pounds from vaccines like the Big Pharma company. Why is the Autism rate going up? what is actually causing it? Why are millions of parents chelating their children with medication and seeing a huge improvement? why are parents having their child injected with vitamin b12 and over time they are seeing a change in their behaviour and a huge improvement as we all know how the vitamin works in the brain very well? why is it that when autistic children are on gluten free diet they behave much better than before? why did Dr Andrew wakefield find a big group of autistic children he examined to have a severe gastrointestinal problems and digestive disorders with a gut issue? All the good people who speak out always get struck of from their jobs or are not heard as this society is controlled.

        • Amina: Why are millions of parents chelating their children with medication and seeing a huge improvement?

          Chelating with what? Where do these millions of people live?

          "why are parents having their child injected with vitamin b12 and over time they are seeing a change in their behaviour and a huge improvement as we all know how the vitamin works in the brain very well?"

          How can a parent get their children injected with B-12? Who is injecting this B-12?
          One should get a blood test to check B-12 levels before any B-12 Injection. B-12 can help only if a child has deficiency of B-12.

          • SVS: I love to answer your questions but you will have to read all the books that I have bought and read and make friends with all the Autistic parents with who I speak to daily, also go to all the health professional workers i go to see with my son and do all the years research that I did and most of all you will need to have an Autistic child to really understand all this than being sarcastic about it.

          • Midnightmoon and SVS:

            How dare you write such rubbish and sarcasm.

            Go and educate yourself, instead if believing government statistics and lies- the same government who disbelieve in Allah, say that homosexuality is natural, and who give out condoms to teenagers at school.

            They give vaccines to MAKE MONEY, not to help.

            What do you know about autism?

            I bet you're one of those people that think vaccines actually help you, or that flouride keeps your teeth healthy, or that wholegrain wheat is good for you.

            I have an autistic son, who's autism was triggered by vaccines when he was one year old.
            His behaviour and health disintegrate if he eats any gluten or milk products.

            I don't care about statistics, THEY LIE .

            I am a holistic therapist, and am one of the people who help in the chelation process, and try to heal, even a little, these poor innocent children who are trapped inside their own minds.

            Instead of writing uneducated foolish rubbish, GO AND LEARN, and then write something useful and true.

          • Sakina, I would have let your comment pass without response if not for your arrogant, rude tone.

            Smallpox and polio have been eradicated everywhere in the world except for the tribal areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Why? Because the tribal people are suspicious of vaccines, which they think is a Western plot to poison their children, and they actually kill the medical workers who distribute vaccines. As a result, Pakistan leads the world in polio infections of children.

            People like you would have us revert to a world where polio, smallpox, diphtheria and the mumps ravage the world's children.

            I'm fed up with the small-minded conspiracy theories, thinking that everything is a plot or a trick, and the arrogance and condescension that such people display. - The very arrogance that you exude in your post.

            Midnightmoon is a physician, by the way, so I think that you telling her to educate herself is a bit silly.


          • Wael:

            I apologize sincerely for my rude and arrogant tone.

            Salam Aleykum.

          • Apology accepted. May Allah forgive us all for our mistakes.


        • Amina: Look what I found on the Internet....... I hope Your son gets better and better every day

          Historically Famous Personalities/Celebrities with Autism

          1) Jane Austen – an English novelist of the 18th Century.

          2) Emily Dickinson – A US poet of the 19th century.

          3) Franz Kafka – a Czech writer

          4) Albert Einstein – the German/American Physicist

          5) Carl Jung – famous psychoanalyst

          6) Isaac Newton – English mathematician and physicist

          7) Beethoven – German/Viennese composer

          8) Mark Twain - the US humorist

          9) Graham Bell – Inventor of the telephone

          10) Mozart – Austrian Composer

          Contemporary Famous Personality Suffering from Autism

          1) Bill Gates – US global monopolist

          2) Bob Dylan – US singer and songwriter

          3) Al Gore – Former vice president and the Presidential candidate

          4) Keanu Reeves – Lebanese/Canadian/UA Actor

          5) James Taylor – US singer and songwriter

          6) Michael Palin – the US comedian

          7) Bobby Fischer – US Chess Champion

          8) Michael Jackson – US singer

          9) Woody Allen - US comedian, actor, writer, director, producer, jazz clarinetist

          10) Tony Benn – English Labor Politician

          • Thanks for that, it's nice. I think this question page is not about Autism and it's losing it's concept and it is really about brother Raja zubair and may Allah grant him shifa ameen

  9. CAN anyone please answer my question i too am suffering but I am being ignored here,

    • What is your problem?

    • Assalaamualaikam

      If you have submitted a post for publication recently, then there will be a waiting period - we receive a lot of posts, and commit to publishing them all, so depending on how busy things are, people may need to wait a week, or a couple of weeks.

      If a post is about an issue where someone's life is at stake, then that is a different matter and the post is published as soon as possible, once this is brought to the attention of the editors.

      From your user name, I would guess that you are maybe having problems with sleeping? If so, then while you are waiting for your post to be published, you could try some simple steps yourself, such as avoiding caffeine and sugar; doing some relaxation exercises; and reading some ahadith about sleep. If you have a family doctor or GP, it might be worth speaking with them as well, as they may be able to give you some advice about other things to try?

      Midnightmoon editor

  10. Stomach disease is mother of all diseases. And its not a strange disease brother. People do suffer from this. A colleague of mine has the same disease. He was a healthy man of 30 years, then he had this stomach disease. Doctors were not able to tell exactly. It was an intestine infection and later he had hepatitis. He went to all the specialists and spiritual people but to no avail. He is still having this problem, but the pain is much reduced now due to his careful diet. Do not eat roasted or fried things. Avoid spicy things. Solution to this problem is dont eat in excess, keep your stomach partially full at all times, neither empty, not full. Eat light things that are easily digested. Keep your lunch box with you and eat at regular intervals of 2 hours. If your stomach remains empty, it generates gas and it causes pain.

    Brother, Allah chooses some people to test, Allah chose to test you because you are capable of it. May Allah give your full health soon. But if this disease continues, you can still lead a healthy life. Just eat less and take care as i mentioned above. In your pain, tell yourself that Allah will give me reward for this. I heard from a scholar that Allah is so generous on rewarding muslims on hardships, even someone gets little prick by a thorn, Allah forgives his sins for this. May Allah give you health and patience to pass through this test. Ameen

  11. Hi raza zubair
    I am an hindu but i believe in jinns and other creatures as exsisted in earth. I hope seeing your symptoms of suicide and unexplianable diseases, this can be a case of black magic. You should definitely go and see some malauwi of your area and get yourself checked ... may god bless u

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