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I have bad feelings about this guy, what should I do?

hijabi sister

Assalamu Alaikum..

I have a matter in my life I am confused about pertaining to a man I have met coincidently. At first it started innocent in offering me a ride. He asked for my number in which I never give to non mahram men. I was sincere in thinking maybe this man can be the one for me. As he started to ask me to see a movie with him. I asked him first to see the movie with my aunt and brother. He immediately refused and started acting weird. He told me it was too soon to see my family. So I thought it as not something big. I immediately started getting a bad feeling about him. I told my family about him and they asked me to invite him home for a meeting. He refused again and refused to speak with my grandmother. My grandmother immediately said to stay away from him in that she sensed he is not a good guy. I don't what happened to me but I definitely fell into the traps of shaitan and he started asking me personal questions if I ever kissed a guy and I said no. He said that I was not normal. I regret meeting this man and I have made taubah and I have prayed istikhara for guidance. I am getting this fearful feeling about him now. I need advice as in what to do? Every time I bring up marriage he changes the subject.


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  1. Two words
    Leave him

  2. Change your contact no. And stay away from him. He is a lust guy. If he wana marry you he ll meet your family and dont speak about some s*** things .

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      Wael Editor

      • Salaam, Wael, what's wrong brother? Why are you allowing these Kuffars or the people who answer just to make fun of Islam to answer these questions? And why the bad pictures with every question? Could you at least give me editing rights so that I can authorize these answers?

  3. salam sis

    very easy. Stay away from him, don't try to have a second thought, just cut your connection, delete his contact. Please try to get closer to Allah,

    Good luck

  4. Block him forever

  5. Its clear. A guy who refuges meeting to family members how can be good for you? It may be he is very shy or not serious. But it seems like he is not willing even not sincere. His response is also not respectful. He changes marriage topic too. So it must be clear to you from beginning only. You have enough signs to be better to stay away from him. Just leave him. Stay good & pray.

  6. You should stay away from him. His intentions aren't right. If he had intentions of marrying you, he would've met your family.
    Him asking you such personal questions and calling you not being normal makes it clear he's up to no good.
    Stay alert and stay away from him. Allah has better planned for you, believe in him.

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