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I have fear about five time prayers

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I don't offer prayer but whenever I think about offering five times prayer, I feel strange kind of fear in my heart.

I offer prayer on Friday but whenever I do it, I am always engaged in thoughts about routine activities.

It is kind of burden on my heart, I am never interested, never feel any kind of interest while offering prayer like I read Quran daily it has effect on me, I always feel very good and humble while reading Quran but not with  prayer.

My inspiration is Shahid Afridi and I feel very motivated to offer prayer five times coz of him but I feel a fear in my heart I dont know what it is. I start thinking about what if I am in some other place or occasion how will I perform prayer and how. It upsets me. I want to pray 5 times but I don't feel like doing it. Tell me the solution.

Lorelei Lee


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  1. Sister, listen to lectures about Salat. There are a ton on youtube.

    The feelings, you are's called shaitan. Say autho billah min alashtan alrajeem.meaning I seek refuge from shaitan.

    Prayer is not for Allah. Allah does nit need your prayers. But you need to pray because it's the first thing you will get asked about when you leave this world.

    I have a question for you have good food everyday? Are you healthy? Do you have a safe home? Do your eyes work? Do you go to school and receive an education? Do you have clothes to keep you warm and covered?

    We are sooo blessed. I think of salah as a way of saying thank you, and checking in with God. Asking for help when my day is difficult, thanking him when it's great and just reminding myself that I need Allah but he doesn't need me.

    Listen to lectures about salah, there are sooo many sources. Have been there sister, I know at time I felt so lazy when I was younger. What also helps is find a salah buddy. A family member, friend, whoever is there that can pray with you and you can remind each other and keep other in check.

    All the best, don't let shaitan rule your heart.

  2. Salam.

    What you are experiencing is typical of a person who is beginning to offer prayers. Prayers increase your imaan and are a powerful tool to ward off evil and stop sinful behavior. Since you are not praying, your nafs and shaytaan are currently overpowering you and preventing you from praying. Start praying consistently and in shaa Allah, your imaan will strengthen and eventually the anxiety and fear will disappear. The path to five prayers starts at one; pick a time and begin to pray that one prayer on a daily basis. Before you do this, learn the basics of how to offer prayers including the proper method to do wudhu.

    Ramadhan is coming up and the shayateen will be locked up. I'd say this will be a perfect opportunity to build a habit of offering salah and inn shaa Allah these habits will carry on through the rest of the year.

    Also, don't worry about wandering thoughts: whenever your thought deviates from Allah, simply focus it back. This is best done by learning the meanings to the surahs and phrases which you recite during the rakats. This will enable you to develop a deeper connection to Allah (SWT) and prevent shaytaan from interfering.

    May Allah (SWT) aid you in every issue. Ameen.


  3. OP: My inspiration is Shahid Afridi and I feel very motivated to offer prayer five times coz of him but I feel a fear in my heart I dont know what it is. I start thinking about what if I am in some other place or occasion how will I perform prayer and how. It upsets me.

    Don't worry Shahid Afridi will motivate you if even when you will be in some other place or occasion.

  4. I generally think most people go through this your not alone.

    I agree with the advices above masAllah dont be too hard on yourself offer one prayer stick to it and inshAllah your prayers will come naturally everyday. Also ramanadan is coming and this is a great opportunity to increase your imaan and learn to fight off shaaitan. InshAllah you will do it its getting into the routine of doing this for yourself.

  5. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    I think a trap many of us get caught in is that we are supposed to feel like we are in some motivated or inspirational state every time we go to pray. That would be nice, and that's a goal we should work toward, but in reality prayer is one among many duties we have in a day.

    Think about it: do you always feel excited about taking showers? When you are taking one, are you in a state of rapture just to wash your hair? Speaking personally, I find showers to be a bit of a chore. Necessary, absolutely. There are lots of unpleasant things that would come if I chose not to shower. But jumping for joy to take one? Maybe after I've been sick in bed with the flu for a week and feel disgusting. Otherwise, never.

    So often with prayer it's the same thing. We do it because we need to, it serves a purpose in our lives that we will suffer consequences of if we forego it. It doesn't have to be earth shattering every time. Maybe at times it will be, but it's not necessary for it to be completed. So instead of getting caught up on how you are feeling and thinking, just knock it out like a quick shower. Do what you have to do, and move on. And if you can't do all 5 all day every day consistently, just do what you can and keep moving forward. Discipline comes with practice.

    -Amy Editor

  6. Pray GOD IN TEARS - sure he shuts the fire with colorless tears - it is not so easy, it has to be practised regularly, and I am sure God will never disappoint you in any form.

    May Allah bless you to over come this situation.

    Kind regards,

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