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I have no witnesses for nikkah

mercy nikah

Salaam everyone.

My mother is a convert from Islam to Christianity and I am a convert from Christianity to Islam. My father is also a Christian as well, but he abandoned me and my mom when I was little. My mom hates all Muslims and has disowned me a few months ago because she found out I am a Muslim. Now I found a man that I want to spend the rest of my life with, but I have no family to be a witness for the marriage. I read online that a woman cannot get married unless she has mahram there as witnesses. Is this true? I really want to get married so I can stop sinning by being in a relationship before marriage.


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  1. Dear Sister,

    Since you don't have any male relative you can ask Imam of Mosque to be your wali.
    Kindly approach nearest Mosque's Imam.

    All the best for future.

  2. Assalamualikum!

    you can make your witness from mosque or you should ask to imam sahib
    where you from ?

  3. strange, how can you not have witness, witness can be any person, not necessarily your parents

    • For a girl only her father can be a witness.....she cannot catch a person passing on the road and ask him to be her witness.

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