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I have tortured an animal and I am sick

One night i smoked 4 grams of marijuana and ate an ounce of mushrooms until i was.  hallucinating to the point of no return. i couldn't see chairs or tables..  It was like walking in the dark..  I came upon two mice that were caught on a trap..  I took needles and filled them up with alcohol and injected them to the 2 mice i continued to do this until the mice died..  After sobering up i was disgusted and horrified at what i did. i cant get the image off my mind what should i do?

- ruhuatnimge

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  1. Dear Ruhuatnimge, As-salamu alaykum,

    A couple of things:

    1. Get off the drugs. I realize this is easier said than done, but it is job one. Until you get off the drugs your life will be a mess and you will continue to degenerate and do even more things that you regret. Get help. Check into a rehab center. Whatever you have to do. Just stop the drugs and alcohol for good.

    2. Do something good for animals and Insha'Allah this will help to make up for the awful thing you did. Volunteer at your local animal shelter or SPCA. Raise money for the Wildlife Fund. Adopt a cat from the animal shelter and take good care of it. Make it a point to be kind to animals.

    I hope and pray that you get your life in order. May Allah help you and guide you.

  2. Salaam,

    Thank GOd you found your actions sickening and regrettful. Remeber now the story of Cain and Abel, and remember how God sent a bird to show how to bury the dead.

    Now look at your mice, and realise that God is showing you your future in these mice. They are a perfect representation of you, your life style and your end.

    And recognise without a doubt that right now, all around you there are angels standing by on a rescue mission. Something very clean must be written for you to be saved like this when so many are not. This lie is not written for you - and God is helping you to abadon it.

    Now I wil help you also.

    This happens with mushrooms - you must have OD'd on them. YOu are not supposed to eat so much mushrooms - you are only supposed to have one or half of one and wait for 50 minutes. So if you intend to do drugs again (which you most certainly should not) you should do your research firstt. You can be sure Allah has his angels around you, as I have seen people who have reached such a level of high cut peices of their body off, mutiliate eachother and jump off high buildings thinking they can fly. Messing with your brain like that is very dangerous and you are blessed to have escaped with the mice situation.

    As with all bad trips, the image of the mice and the feelings associated with it will not leave you for a long time, and will reappear at random intervals for the next two years or so. You will also begin to associate this disgusted and afraid feeling everytime you take any substance, and you will risk real mental damage if you mess with it. THe only way to make sure you walk away from this lifestyle without permanent schizophrenia is to stop it completely.

    Basically - if you continue to do any kind of drugs for the next two years you will break the part of your brain which turns off the hallucinations and be in a permanent state such as the one which drove you with the mice. YOur future, if you now take more drugs (including alcohol): is in a mental hospital being sedated for your own saftey. The "high" that you are experiencing is not actually a high, but actually the levels of dopamine and seratonin and synapse receptors in your brain being overused and over manipulated. This is not opinion: this is scientific fact.

    One drop - ONE DROP of the chemical that makes you hallucinate s(such as the chemical they put in LSD, found naturally in mushrooms, Skunk and all the other stuff) is enough to have you hallucinating for the rest of your life.

    When you are taking these drugs - you cannot be sure that anything that you are experiencing is actually real. You may be paranoid with out cause, confident without cause, you may look in the mirror and see a healthy face when actually you look like crap. You just dont know - and this is the truth I am telling you.

    This is a blessing in disguise for you - because Allah has been gracious enough to grant you with this shock and fear and has possibly saved your life from it.

    Heed my warning brother - any more and there is no coming back from the hallucinating world. I know 4 people who have ended up in mental hospital from taking drugs like Ketamine, Mushrooms and LSD, I know 3 who have bi-polar from smoking too much skunk too regularly, my father is now a schizophrenic from heroin, I know 7 individuals who have committed suicide on and as a result of drugs - and 1 man who went on a raping spree whilst high as a kite and then stabbed himself in the heart. These are just the people I have personally known in my own circle. I have heard of many more - including the drunk boy who raped his mother and only remembered the next day. I have worked in an organisation which treats the horrific after affects of drugs on a persons life, and the people around them's lives.

    Recognise a blessing when you see it - you have been saved from yourself. Don't disrespect or ignore or fail to recognise this blessing, God clearly wants you on his path and has reached out to you - change your life and be the good man that you know you can be, and inshallah help others in the future who have falled into this way of being.

    Peace be with you, upon you, in your heart and mind, may God send you the strength to see good and bad, the strength to save your own life and the strength to be a good and righteous man who is the pride and joy of his family, Amin.


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