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I haven’t completed iddah but he wants me back…

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My husband has divorced me too many times to count. 8 days ago he said he was ashamed he met and married me and had kids together. He said he wishes we never met. 8 days later, he says that he has a change of heart. I am a second wife and resent being in polygamy. I think it was a mistake. I want to marry a single guy now, now that I feel divorced and accepted it. I've no trust in the promises of my husband and I think he is using me to get to my kids. when we talk he puts me down and gets upset way too quickly, and he has never maintained the kids. He says I should move to him and share custody and that I have to work to pay my rent, that maybe over time he would forgive me. I want to believe it but I can't because he broke a lot of promises and expectations that has destroyed our family. I don't think he can support 2 families. I am not done with my 3rd period yet but this man can take me back and ruin my life even more? I would like to have some demand that he can satisfy to kind of re earn my trust. but I dont want to be in polygamy any more anyway, I just see no point in continuing except that my heart loves him. I feel it was an abusive negative relationship. But my life is in Allah's hands and I'm worried I have to stay in this abusive relationship where his word is not being kept at all.


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  1. Don't go back to this man.

    1) It sounds like you don't want to. So don't.

    2) He's not going to change even though he makes you a million of promises. SO why bother waste anymore of your time on him?

    3) He sounds like a terrible husband - why is he practicing polygamy when he can't provide for all of his wives? The audacity to ask you to pay rent AND he treats you badly, anyway.

    What is there to go back to?

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