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I let him touch me because I love him

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assalamualikum I've committed a huge sin. Im 16 years old and for a year I was in a haram relationship with this guy who is 17. He is a Muslim and at first we were speaking to each other as friends but then we fell for each other. He lives in London and he came to visit me and I went to see him just to tell him and explain to him in person that what we were doing was haram and it had to stop but when I went to meet him I don't know what happened to me my brain stopped working. We went to the cinema and sat right at the back. After a few minutes I sat on his lap and he started kissing my cheeks and I feel so disgusted with myself because I let him do it. He tried to kiss me but I couldn't let him. After that he started touching my legs and that went on for like an hour. He told me he loved me and kept entwining our hands together. After that we went to this arcade and we were playing a few games and it was time to leave. I suddenly had this urge to hug him so I took him into this private corner where no one could see us. What happened next is what is hurting me the most we hugged a lot like tightly and then he took my hijab off well from my neck and started kissing my neck. At that point there was nothing I could do to stop him as it felt good. Please tell me what to do. I've fully stopped speaking to him but I feel so disgusted with myself that I let it happen. I feel like I betrayed my parents and their trust because they believe that I'm such a good daughter as I get good grades and help out in the house.  I don't know how to get over him. It hurts so much. Please help me. I feel like Allah won't forgive me what I've done as I've committed such a disgusting act and even He does I don't know how to ever forgive myself.


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  1. Sister,
    What you did it was Haram and sin but i would like to say one thing ALLAH can forgive all of us if we make a true tauba from our heart. if you realized it then make a tauba and never do it again.
    even i love a girl and we broke up from 2 years we still love each other but for family status we can't marry also she has a boyfriend too but still she want to connect with me in fact we meet sometimes its a mistake of mine but sometimes as we are human we cannot control ourselves and we do mistakes but if we do realize it and will not do again then ALLAH will forgive us.

  2. We are living no doubt in a great fitna era, just want to tell you please stop this ASAP and ask Allah's forgiveness, Step by step gradually Shaitan is inviting you to do more and more till you get done the major sin which is called Zina.
    Don't ever let Shaitan controls over you.

    And remember once you are done with that major sin , you'll go in deep depression, Pleae for the sake of Allah, avoid any type of relationship with that guy. the guy can be good but this time you need to realize what you both are doing.
    Ask your mother or sister that I am interested in doing marriage ,

    Do Tauba from your past sin

    1 Admit the sin
    2 have deep and remorse regret on it
    3 Ask Allah's forgiveness from that son
    4 have ultimate vision and truthful promise for never ever you will do that shamfull sin again .

    Please take care of your eman your health and give yourself a respect
    your are not a piece of sex that a guy assuming yourself a you and playing with your body and at the end of the day left it.

    Ask Allah's forgiveness after every prayer.

    Brother Ziad

  3. Plz do repent and never listen shaytaan he will misleed you never leave you untill he do not turn back on wrong path so stop silent shytaan and never astray and pray five time a day and making dua to ALLAH that HE keep far away shytaan ftom you thanks pray for me

  4. it happened and its over i mean all the things which felt right but its wrong actually..just repent and avoid and run away from these things as many times as possible and roza is shield ..keep roza.

  5. You've done rightby not speaking with him. Don't go back, the shaiten whisper and try to make you think it's your own thoughts. In this era, teenagers are mostly nafs/desires because of a swell in hormones. Especially boys tend to become more aggressive in their sexuality because of testosterone.

    My lovely sister, Zina is a Line that you cannot uncross. You can repent and you can become forgiven, but it's never ever the same. You can't take it back ever. Imagine having to live with it when you get married and have little babies of your own. How do you protect them if you couldn't protect yourself.

    Don't turn back, don't believe the thoughts in your head that tell you to turn back. Leave this situation, because you are lucky and this one can disappear behind you because it stopped at the line. I would even say to spend more time with your family and less time on social media or the internet. It helps.

    I love you for the sake of Allah, just as I love my own sisters and my own daughters. Don't feel like you're alone in this world, because you have this ummah that will support you. ❤️

  6. Sister, If you truly like someone just marry them:). But someone taking advantage of you before marriage is wrong. GUYS do this. THEY LOVE SEX AND kissing and touching. Its the nature of men. Might as well enjoy it in halal situation.If you really lvoe someone, don't stay in haram relationships. A halal relationship feels very real and more appropriate I was married too and was starting to love the guy.He was very affectionate but always had sex in his mind. I think a person's inner feelings are very important then just touching and stuff. You are young and naive( no offense). I was the same way when i was young. When you get older in your mid 20s you wil start taking your honor seriously and life seriously.

    Dont mind anything I said. I said it as a sister who cares:)

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