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I lied to my father

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Drug abuse can lead people to do things they regret...

aslamalykum brothers and sisters

So the story started when I used to smoke weed. Insh'allah I have stopped the bad habit I used to have, for the sake of allah (swt).  I used to smoke weed everyday I mean I cant belive I was high everyday for 2 years I stopped go to school after 1 year of smoking weed. I havent smoked weed for 10 days now and insh'allah I dont have plan to smoke weed every again it was easy for me to quit. I do pray my 5 daily prayers and makes dua to allah (swt) may he forgive my sins. So it begins with that  I stole this watch from my father he never used this watch so I stole it from him and exchanged it for weed.. a'uthbillah.. So today he came to me and asked for hes watch, I said that I have lost it somewhere I do not know where I lost it, after the lie I felt so bad.... He asked me about this watch for 1 hour he keept reminding me about this watch I stole from him and exchanged with weed, he was so sad that I lost this watch and abit mad on me... but really I dont care if he was mad at me but he was soo sad that I lost it. I feel so bad about this... please help me out with this what should I do... I cant tell him that I exchanged hes watch for weed he do not know I used to smoke weed before so I want to keep this as secret because he would get so upset. May Allah (swt) forgive all of my sins and everyones.


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  1. Asalamoalaikum Ibraheem.
    congrats on quitting weed. MasaAllah .
    In my opinion you have 2 options.

    First come clean with your dad that you took it and sell it for your un necessary needs. Tell him how remorseful you are and this will never happen again.
    Second ,save enough money and buy him exactly similar watch.
    You have good heart that is why you felt bad over your dad sadness. Try to make up to him by fulfilling his expectations about you.

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