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I lost my virginity at 15 to a non-Muslim

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Asalamualakim sisters and brothers. I recently lost my virginity to my boyfriend of 7 months. No he is not Muslim, he is Indian. Once I realized it broke I felt terrible and guilty. I don't pray or wear a hijab or read the Quran recently anymore. I want to know if Allah will ever forgive me for this.  I'm going to start praying and asking for forgiveness every day. Also will I have any tourture in the grave? Please help me I regret letting him do it so much.


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  1. You know what you did was wrong

    you know the action was both unIslamic and irresponsible

    I need to ask you these questions

    did you practice protection( condoms birth control Etc.)

    and other questions I need to ask

    how did this boy come in contact with you

    why did you and him even bother doing such an act

    and what did you do think that it would bring about

    and the biggest question of all where were your parents and his parents

    you did the right thing to admit that you made a mistake

    he made a mistake as well

    but you want to come onto the right path right

    now it doesn't matter if the boy is muslim or not

    because even if he were Muslim the action would still be wrong

    what you need to do now is make sure you are not pregnant

    after that you must search up a special prayer
    Make yourself clean for namaz

    and beg God's forgiveness

    Don't ever make contact with that boy again

    because I can guarantee you
    he's going to tell all his friends that you slept with him

    and trust me it's going to give you a very bad reputation not him

    in the culture of humans

    if a man sleeps around he is considered a Playboy

    if a woman sleeps around she is considered a skank

    that's how it always was

    and that is how it always will be

    you can't change it

    it's a fact of life
    and Injustice of life

    and most of all never ever do that action again
    Never confess anyone that you did that
    there is no need

    now get going
    Good luck

    • Break off all the ties with him. He's a non Muslim. Try to mend your ways, reform yourself. Cut out all relationship with him as he's inviting you towarda hell fire. The choice is yours whether to stay or leave. If you still wish to continue, ultimately u will end up losing your Islamic faith n committing all the immorality. So it's time to leave.

      • allah is ghafoor which mean : he forgives all sins if you repent wholeheartedly . go to allah change your ways . we all make mistake but the greatest mistake of all is not coming back to allah. because he forgives all sins

  2. ALLAH will forgive you but when you ask forgiveness (To apologize) by your heart with regret and never do again this type of sin. ALLAH will forgive. And you did relationship with Mushrik boy so now you are in Kuffar (without imaan). So Sister you should recite the Kalma Lailaha illah muhammadur rasullah.Then you would enter in Islam again

  3. Hopefully by now the sister will have herself checked up for any signs of STDs (results hopefuly in her favour), no pregnancy occured and she a made very sincere repentance to Allah (S.W.T) and moved on as a Muslim should.

    May Allah guide us all to the right path and protect us all from the evil all around us.

  4. assalam alaikum
    sister you dont need to be worried allah is with you allah forgive any sins if anyone commits
    what i learn from ulema that
    if a person who commited sins and for example it cannot be possible lets suppose if that persons sins were rising to from the earth to the peak of the sky and between that area is full of sins if that person just for once with heartly asks forgiveness from allah then allah wiped his all sins and grants him jannah.
    even if a non muslim he/she killed billions of people that includes muslims too if he/she ever make shahadah with heart then allah forigve all of his sins including killing billions of human beings.and grants him jannah.
    sister dont be worried allah is still with you and watching over humans for all repented thats all you feel guilty and you asks allah for forgiveness.i guarantee 1000000....................................%.............)that allah forgives you and you will be like baby who have commited no sins and pure.

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