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I love her but we had to break up…


Im 19 Years of age and starting university next month in shaa Allah. There is this girl who ive been with for nearly 5 months but we had to breakup due to her not knowing whether her dad would agree to her marrying me in the future due to some religious differences between her parents and mine(sects).

Us two really love each other and in my entire life, ive never even thought to approach a women because ive always wanted to wait until university etc and get married. But subhanallah when i first saw this girl in my college i had a feeling as if i must approach her, it was a feeling i never got from seeing any girl, as if Allah was telling me to approach this girl. I waited 6 months to approach her due to me being a person whos shy and low in confidence and never did i think she would like me, but she did. We spent the next 4 1/2 months together enjoying each others company and it turned out we had so much in common, it was really scary to be honest xD, we liked so many of the same things and we used to say the same stuff at the same time a lot.

Her mother was accepting of me but even her mother said she couldnt guarantee that the girls dad would accept me right now, and that after a few years the likelihood of me getting accepted to marry her would be better. We agreed that in shaa Allah, should we both be single (unmarried or unengaged) after university that we will try to get married and that we should leave this period from now until then up to Allah, which is the right thing to do. This girl is very pretty ma shaa Allah and even when we were together, she would get marriage proposals left right and centre, and now that we arent together, that will still be the case. Us two were really serious about getting married in the future but she doesnt want to wait around for 3 years just to have a small chance of marrying me, which i understand, but of course this hurts at the same time because itd kill me to see her with someone else. shes always been a girl who is eager to get married and have kids, which makes me even more worried.

I decided that for now im going to focus on my studies and in shaa Allah stay single until university is finished and then see what her situation is. Of course anything can happen, because what Allah has decreed will happen. Ive been making lots of Dua and been reading up more on when Duas are more likely to be accepted etc and keep asking Allah SWT to allow me to marry her in the future because i really believe us two were so compatible and are really meant to be in shaa Allah. I plan on doing istikhara as well but i was wondering if you people also have any additional advice for me?


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  1. I think what u took is the most perfect decision...if u will leave ur Desire for the sake of Allahh he will obviously make u happier...May Allah fulfill ur wishes brother..Aameeen

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