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I married a Muslim girl the Hindu way, now our families are keeping us separate

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Firstly I would like to say that I would not want to hurt any one's religious sentiments.

I have been in love with a Muslim girl for last 3 years. She was very pretty and beautiful. We loved each other very much. But due to her family, her life was threatened and she became in danger.

So I married to her in arya samaj. And get the marriage registered in the Hindu marriage act. Then when our parents came to know about this marriage, the storm comes in our family.

Due to that the girl had to go back to her native place to her parents. After that our family members insisted to us that we forget each other. But it is very hard for us.

Now she is not in contact with me. But she still needs me a lot in her life. Please suggest what I should do. I am afraid that her parents may marry her to just anyone. Please suggest me what to do. We love each other very much...


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  1. Truelove,

    It is forbidden for a Muslim to marry a Hindu. If you want any chance of being with this girl, learn about Islam and then accept it openly. Otherwise please leave her alone. Your interference in her life will cause her only pain and problems with her family and distance from her religion.

    SisterZ Editor

  2. Love knows no boyndries. Prove it to her. Become muslim. Be a man.

    Learn islam. Do it for allah, you, her.

    You wont regret being Muslim.

  3. if u truly love her then i think u should practice islam and ask her hand in marrige from her paretns before its too late

  4. Truelove

    It is forbidden for a Muslim to marry an Indian or someone out their religion.

    If this girl is no longer with you it is because she no longer wants or has a choice to be with you the religion is the reason and the mess you both created behind your families. I strongly suggest leave her alone and cos of this she knows she has paid a high price for the mistake you both committed. Both your families know what is best i think both of you should have come clean with your families then the situation wouldn't have had bad consequences.

    I know this hurts but learn to let her go and go find your own woman in your religion. You shouldn't change or learn to love ISLAM if you don't want to convert. My strong advice to you is find your own hindu woman trust me life will be a lot simple for you and forget your own mistake as well.

  5. Open your eyes, your in cuckoo land and waiting for a train that aint going to come back, the girls gullibility allowed her to go along with the hindu ritual, but she is in the right now and her parents have notified her of the mistake she made, if i am honest with you DONT revert to islam with the intention of marrying the girl, and if it dont work out just walk away, revert through love of religion, and that is not evident since you mention no such thing in your post, although your personal feelings are unknown to me, and the girl dont need you, she needs Allah, and he has saved her from the haraam(forbidden in islam), so choose wisely.

    Top tip marry a hindu girl, im sure their are plenty 'very pretty and beautiful' girls, and who will love you just as much.

    Hope this clears your thinking.

  6. hi i am a muslim but i have been fell in love with a budish i married to him after the marriage 3 years we lived together after that i went overseas to work now ready 5 years i am alone because i feel i did a big mistake and agints to islam now i wonted to come out from my marriage life but he do not want to leave me he telling me he will die i feel very seared and i ask him to convert islam also he don't like to do that now what can i do now i wont to be a tru muslim i don't want go from islam please help me

    • fairrusha, your marriage was Islamically invalid from the beginning. All you have to do is separate yourself from him. If you were married civilly, then seek a civil divorce.

      If he is willing to convert to Islam then he can marry you. However it will require a proper nikah.

      If you need further advice, please log in and write your question as a separate post.

      Wael Editor

    • please leave him find your partner in muslim families. you will be happy

  7. Such bigots!!!!!
    You would be well suited in Apartheid South Africa...
    You condemn people because they worship differently.I accepted Hinduism because it fundamentally considers everyone equal in divinity...we are spiritual beings.Think spiritual...stop thinking and acting in the confines of your physical mind and body. If we were created by God we are part of Him (Brahman) and therefore is our ignorance that keeps us from the Truth...WAKE UP and Realize your true Self (Atman) !!!

    "You are not a drop in the ocean.You are the entire ocean in a drop" Sufi poet RUMI

    • Steve, that's like a bad joke. Hinduism has institutionalized bigotry and discrimination (via the caste system) in a way that has never been equaled by any religion or political system. It's worse than apartheid, worse than the Israeli occupation of Palestine. It's especially abhorrent because it teaches people that their subjugation and suppression is mandated by the gods.

      In Islam we do discriminate, yes, but we discriminate based on factors that people can control - their belief and behavior. We do not discriminate based on factors beyond people's control - their "caste", color, race, etc. And even then, our discrimination consists only of choosing who to associate with or marry, not of oppressing others.

      IslamicAnswers.coom Editor

  8. No you can't marry with her. And She also can not marry with you. "The Quran says Do not marry with nonmuslim" If you want ot marry You will have to accept islam.

  9. no sorry ths not possible . islam not allow muslim to mary not muslims.

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