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I miss my parents

Hi, I got married 12 years ago and live in canada with my husband and 4 kids. My husband doesnt like to visit Pakistan though his parents also live there. My kids are very young and it is not possible for me to go alone on such a long flight with multiple connections with kids. It has been 4 years I couldn't meet my parents and I really miss them. I requested my husband to take me to see my parents but he refused and kept making fun of me. I have been through major post partum depression and still get episodes of depression.

Isn't it my husband's responsibility to take me to my parents? I fulfill all my responsibilities but I think I deserve a little break but he thinks there is no use of visiting parents and if I want to visit i should go. I have also asked him if he doesn't want to go then keep 3 elder kids with him while I visit my family with baby but he refused. Really don't know what to do. My husband is a typical insensitive guy he doesn't care if I am in depression and keeps making fun of me. I am very emotional person and can't communicate effectively and depression made it worse whenever he makes fun of me I get very angry and start crying or yelling but nothing bothers him he just smiles and go to other room and sleep peacefully leaving me emotionally drained.


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  1. Sister,
    Assalamu alaikum w w

    Your husband allowed you to visit your parents,
    Than you can go with kids, from toronto to pakistan's somany family going every month. Just you find pakistani travel agent, they make easy for you,
    Ask your parent to receive at pakistan airport, do not worry too much,life is a test.
    Thanks Allah, your Husband is good according other story.
    Pray five time and ask Allah.

    Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us).”

    More info.

  2. Your husband to physicallying, emotionallying, verbally abuse or make fun of you is not right according to Islamic view. Your husband has no right to control you. I strongly advise you to get strong and show him it doesn't bother you. You should visit your parents this is your right. For someone to say to you your husband is good than other stories still this does not make it right. Have you thought about going to work by supporting yourself or going out I do feel depression often comes on when life triggers sadness. Don't give up stay strong it will get better inshAllah

    • Assalamu Alaikum Sister;

      You have the right to visit your parents..if he is not allowing you just go ahead and nothing will happen...he has no (even though your husband) right to stop you visitiong your parents. 100% no right;


  3. They were in your life by your husband
    They will sacrifice more than your husband

    It's your right to see them
    Go see them

    Don't worry
    The worst he can do is pout

    Good luck Salamalekum

  4. He just smiles and leaves the room?
    I think he has antisocial personality disorder. It is like he enjoys seeing you in pain. He doesn't want u to go to ur parents because secretly, he wants to isolate u from ur support system

    Read the verbally abusive relationship by Patricia evans and psychopath free by Jackson mackenzie.

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