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I need a dua or tadbir to bring him back

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I recently learned that my bf was cheating on me. He involved his parents and left me. He's with that girl now. Please suggest some dua or tadbir that will bring him back. I swear I don't want to have a haram relationship. I would like to marry him. Please suggest a tadbir that will make him come back and marry me. We have already engaged in physical relationship which I know is a sin. I honestly honestly need help. Please I don't want to let go.


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  1. Sister salaam alai kum

    I knw this will be very hard to take but he isnt right for u and he was just takin advantage off u and from my experience he will continuento.use u for sex only and chilling and he will never marry u at all

    Make duaa for urself andnask allah tonhelp u thgh ur pain and make it with intensions to ask for forgiveness and to give u someone better than him there is alot this happening now innthe comunity with young asain boys and i see alot this pls give urself time and take some advise from me

    If they get wat u hve ur respect in ur body andnu disrespect ur body in this way then why do they wanna marry u if they got wat they wanted

    If u stay strong and dnt do haram things like this then right man will hve more respect for u and will take u as ur wife

    Ok another sign is if he has no intension of ever takin u hme to meet his parents run for hills he will be only wanting u for wat he can take

    Your deen is more important and urself respect

    I knw ur inpain but no duaa will bring him back to u now hes got another women and has took her hme game over hes waste off ur tym

    So make good off ur tym and inshallah

    Allah will give u someone who loves u for u and respects u and stands by u inshallah

  2. You know Urdu? If you know Urdu then I will tell you some things for him. Otherwise sorry to say. I can't explain in to English.

  3. Your boyfriend was cheating on you, he involved his parents and left you, on top of that he is with that girl and you still want him back????whats wrong with you?? You don't need a dua to bring a haraam relationship back. What you need is some self respect dear. He only used you as you said you both engaged in physical relationship!! You knew is a sin. If you regret, you should make tauba and ask Allah swt sincerely for forgiveness, part of doing tauba is you shouldn't be asking Allah swt bring the reason why your sinned back to your life, which is that guy. You should consider yourself as happy that you found out about it before marriage. Why would you want such a low life back to your life?? Why on everything on earth would you want to marry him for???please educate yourself about marriage in islam and what qualities a muslim husband should have. Move on, forget about him,he only used you. Don't engage in a haraam relationship before marrige.ever. the outcome of a haraam relationship is never good, there is a reason why Allah made it haraam.

  4. I don't know if you will read this but i will spare you the lecture about haram relationships because most of us have been there including myself.
    Sister what you need to do is make sincere dua from the heart the best time to do this is when you're really hurting from the pain, cry and cry to Allah cry so much till your eyes hurt and ask Allah to help you through the painful moments you're experiencing, when you are weak Allah will accept your dua. Ask Allah for his mercy, when you're done making your dua you will feel better and when you're in pain again keep making dua. I did this and i believe Allah has eased my pain through the power of dua.
    This all happened for a reason, Allah wants you closer to him not this silly excuse of a boy.
    It will get better but you have to let the pain be with you for a while.
    Allah is the greatest of all healers!
    You'll be okay and you will get through it.
    Happiness is only temporary, but so is pain.

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