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I need a wazeefa to convince my parents for the man i love

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I'm so so worried from last four years, I'm convincing my parents but they wont agree for that guy just because they are strangers.

He belongs to a good reputed islamic family, his parents even proposed but my parent dont want just because they are strangers and it will be called a love marriage which will make them feel insulted in family.

His family gave me time till December to convince my parents. They are going to ask my parents again last time in December and if this time my parents wont agree then they will get married their son with some one else. I'm alone, sad, just asking God.

Please help me. You are my last last and very last hope. Waiting for reply.

- red.orchids

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  1. Im in the same position, its awful. I feel so alone, and as if no-one wants to understand my point of view. If Allah(swt) wills it and its written then don't worry its all in his hands.

    Be strong x

  2. Dear Red Orchids,

    I dont know ur real name. But I have some good news for you.

    First of all, say your prayers (Namaz) 5 times a day regularly, no matter what happens. Do that your whole life regardless.

    Then after every Namaz, recite Surah Ikhlas, Dorood-e-Ibrahim as many times you can. Or you can recite it atelast 100 times in a day, the more the better. Then always do TAUBA ISTIGFHAAR for all sins you have done. VERY IMPORTANT!

    Then pray Tahajud Namaz (you kind easily find the procedure from internet) and then pray. Allah will InshAllah InshAllah listen to your prayers. Dont worry.

    Recite "Wala Houla Wala Quwata, ILa Billa Hil Aliyul Azeem" continusly as many times you can. atlreast 100 times.

    This verse is a treasure of Jannat and has so much Fazilat in reading it. Holy Prophet SAW has advised us to read it. All you problems will go away InshAllah. Just keep on praying and believe in Allah no matter what happens. InshAllah Allah will help you.

    and you can read also "Hasbonil-laaho Wa Naimul Waqeelo, Allallaahi Tawaqalna" Atleast one Tasbi daily. All of these are for asking Allah's help.

    I have done these at times of great worry and problems. MashAllah my problems got solved. But abstain from all bad things and, dont lie and trust in Allah. Always expect good from Allah.

    Pray from me also sister, I will too. May Allah grant our Jaiz wishes and removes all our worries and problems soon InshAllah.

    The 1st ten days of Zil Haj have started, say extra Nafals, recite Quran, DO TAUBA AND ISTIGFHAAR (very important)

    Allah Hafiz


    • salam,thanks for this advice

    • Dear brother/sister, i love a guy. we are together since many years. i showed my mom that guy my mom really liked the guy but she is not ready for us to get marry because that guy i 2-3 inches shorter than me. can you plz help me out i m quite depressed. larky ki family ready hai but my mother is not agreeing please help me his parents want us to get married with in this year.

  3. Dear Red Orchids,

    You can recite all the verses of Allah and even blow on your parents also or on water and make them drink. But Allah is listening to your Duas and efforts, so it will never go in waste. This is maybe an Azmaish from Allah, so prove urself strong in all this ordeal and keep your trust in Allah. You keep blind faith in Allah, InshAllah you will get the best. Ameen.

    Pray from me also sister. I have problems too in myeil life. Put alot of effort in reading and be consistent. Continue remembering Allah even after all your problems become solved. InshAllah. But always abstain from an evil acts on any level and always be gratful to Allah for everything.

    Allah Hafiz

  4. I have a girlfriend in Algeria, she has sksed her mother for concsent for me to visit them and introduce myself, we are i n love and would love to get marry soon but her family traditions are hard and they are not acccepting and mexican\american\muslim, she si not giving up but it is very hard on her and I am helpless being far away in the USA, we will not give up because Allah is with us and weill stay together with allah in out hearts.

  5. Asaq ,

    Please offer five times Salah and first of all thank Allah the Allmighy that he has blessed you with a partner who loves you so much . Try to explain to your parents how happy they will be if they see you happy and its only with him that you can stay happy . Our own Prophet (PBUH) said that loving a person in the right way is as equal to worship and when it comes to the rights of the parents the parents must find a soul mate for their children with certain qualities like finding a boy for their daughter the boy must first of all be a Muslim , be from a good religious family and he himself must be religious and must be in a position to support and love their daughter after marriage . Try to explain to you're parents that the world will only talk for two days and after that they will forget it's you who has to endure who ever your parents choose and if you're unhappy then that is not marriage . Towards the end its you're happiness sister and if you're happy then only you're parents are going to be happy if not then there's no use getting married . One of the solutions would be to get an alliance fixer (Rishte walla) then with that I think the question of proving love marriage will fade away . Just be strong sister and please tell you're boy also to pray and pray Tahajud also and ask him also to convince his parents the same . Ask you're parents that they are so afraid of the world that they are raedy to surrender you're happiness for the world ?I hope my suggestion has contributed to you're problem solving . Hold on just be stubborn both of you'll because none in the world can force you for a nikah without you're happiness . I'm just a guy sailing in the same boat as you'll are .

  6. i am facing the same problem but please stick on your decision and never stop praying.......Allah Almighty will definately listen to your prayers

    try to recite 11 times Darood then 41 times sura Ikhlaas and then again 11 times darood after isha prayer and make dua that your parents will give you permission for marriage INSHALLAH your wish will come true

    also read 11 times darood 41 times AAYAT-AL-KURSI and again 11 times darood every night before sleeping your wish will come true in 41 days INSHALLAH

    i just wish u best of luck and may Allah give ability to ur parents to understand u
    Moreover i agree with the things Dave mentioned above....give these points to ur parents and tell them as far as he is muslim and i am happy i don't think there is any other requirement they should think of.

  7. Assalamualaikum.
    me and my boyfriend are seeing each other for the past years Alhemdulillah Mashallah. his parents know about us but his mom is not agreeing due to some reasons. she likes me but there aer some other reasons she doesn't wish to agree and wants to marry his son to some other girl. pleasae suggest any wazifa and surah to convince his mom. we love and respect eachother alot Mashallah. he wants to marry me only. but his mom isn't agreeing at all. once his parents agree i want to inform my parents and get married to him. is there any wazifa " I " can read so that he can convince his mom. please reply soon.

    • Walaikumsalaam Faria

      I am greatly puzzled at reading your comment. Why are you saying 'Alhemdulillah Mashalah' because you are your boyfriend have been seeing each for the years? Boyfriend/Girlfriend relationship is not permitted by Allah.

      Please submit your question as a separate post explaining why his mother does not wish for him to marry you. Without this information we cannot give you a specific answer. Also, please search the database as there are many answers already given to similar questions to yours.

      In the meantime, try to identify anything you may be doing that is displeasing to Allah and correct yourself. Also focus on doing your obligatory worship (5 Salah) and turn to Allah.

      Your comment here will be deleted shortly.

      SisterZ Senior Editor

      • she doesn't wish to agree because of non-religious reasons. i am a middle class girl. Alhemdulillah i pray 5 times daily. we love each other and wish to marry but only with our parents approval. . she met me, liked me Alhemdulillah but rejected me later saying i am not from a well-known rich family. what wazifa can i read so that she agrees to our marriage asap. pls remember me in your prayers.

      • Assalamu alaikum.
        I am a sunni Muslim girl. I follow Islam from heart. I do Salah. I have a problem regarding marriage. I love my cousin(my aunt's son). I don't want to hurt or go against my parents. I can't even think of Dat. But I want to marry my love. His parents also likes me. My parents also likes them but not as much as they can give their daughter. Can you please help me by suggesting any wazifa or Salah so that my parents agree for our marriage.

  8. asalmualaikum
    plz evry1 pray 4 me dat v get married soon

  9. Walaykum as salam, my beloved Batool,

    Love Allah(swt) and yourself, more than you love him, close that door, give yourself a time to mourn the lost and let the person that really deserve your love get closer to you, insha´Allah.

    The kind of love you feel towards him is not healthy, your love towards Allah(swt) is being tested, go to your roots, pray your salat, make dua and recover the Peace of your Heart, insha´Allah.

    If you want log in and submit your post, this way all brothers and sisters will be able to help you, insha´Allah.

    All my Unconditional Love, Respect and Support,

    María Editor

  10. Assalam-o-Allaikum.. I am going through the somehow same problem.. i love a guy and he also does but are togethr since 6 years n now its the time that he has talked to his parents about us but his pranets are not convinced beacuse he belongs to a Sindhi syed family and they say that they will not permit him and if he goes against them he will have to leave his house and family which i dont want tell me any Dua or Wazeefa for making his parents convinced..

    Thank You

  11. salam,i love a guy,both pf us wanted to get married,as he tok to his parents.....

    (Remainder of question deleted by Editor)

    • Roma, Asalaamualaykum,

      Please log in and submit your question as a separate post.

      Thank you,

      SisterZ Editor

  12. aoa,
    i m so vurried koz i luv a guy n he z olso luv me .his real parents died since 10 years n some other parents adopted him now he wona marry me bt his parents doesnt agre to marry with me n now dat guy insist me to do court marriage i told my mother n she z agree .bt i cant tel my sis n brother so kindly give wazefa for agre to ds marriage of his parents i vl be thank ful to u koz i ve 15 dayz to ds decission

    • We don't do that here. Just make dua' to Allah to help you in your situation.

      Wael Editor

    • Try to concentrate on carrying yourself as a Muslim of Allah and turn to Him alone.

      When a boy or a girl want to marry, they should see if peacefully they are able to initiate and carry out a proposal, if one of them is not able to move ahead due to family issues or any other problem, one should leave the matter to Allah and remain patient until Allah find's a way out.

      Did you ever feel like asking for a wazeefa to grow closer to Allah? Or to gain knowledge of the Qur'an?

      It is human nature, I do not blame you or anyone else. But we have to curb the unthankful human nature in to the nature of a believer who seeks peace in life by being patient and obeying Allah.


  13. assalamualikum wa rehmatullah wa barakaat!!!!
    It is this that i like someone and want him to be my future partner....we both agree upon this but i want that both of our families do get agree with consent of ALLAH without our pressurizing upon please can u help me with some wazeefa or versus of QURAN that will automatically mould the hearts of our parents and they get agreed over this marriage........and the problem that arise for not approving this marriage from my parents side is caste system, my family believe getting married within caste which is completely not appreciated in iISLAM too and his family does not agree because before me he has once already forced his parents to get

    Editor's Note: Please log in and submit your question as a separate post.

  14. salaam,sir i m haider,i am in relation with a very good girl but my father and brother donot agree for our rishta/marriage beacause my cousin like that equest u plzz tel me wazifa by which my brother father n everyone agree happily and say me that we toowant to marry you with that girl..plz tel me strong wazifa and also make dua for me.

  15. Weal brother

    When are u going to expand to allow question other than family matter

    Coz I want to submit a question which include muslim career + family .

    But I'm thinking that an other question having family issue may get higher priority than mine( really brother I don't know how questions are selected , just my assumption that question relating to marriage , family issue might get a better priority ) its just my assumption I may be wrong

    • Go ahead and submit your family + career question. It will be published in turn. We currently have about 175 questions in the queue.

      Wael Editor

  16. Sorry wael its my career not muslim career

  17. salaam
    i want to marry someone but i know if my parents find out they will kill me bcuz they want me 2 marry another man plz help me give me a dua to convince them i shud choose my life partner plz help me :
    jazakallah x
    btw im ony 15 but they want to get me engaged to sum man i dnt want 2 marry
    but if i tell them my father will kill me help me plz x

    • Rozeena my dear, Asalaamualaykum,

      You are very young, hence I am concerned about you. I am concerned that you maybe involved in a relationship which is not good for you, or you may be forced into a marriage against your will. There is not enough information in your post to advise you properly.

      So please log and submit your question as a separate post - adding more information, please try to address the following questions:
      1. What is the nature of your relationship with this man you wish to marry?
      2. What makes you think this man would make a good husband for you?
      3. How old is this man?
      4. Can he support you as a husband?
      5. How did you meet him?
      6. Have you observed your Islamic limits in this relationship? I.e. have you had physical relations with him? Have you spoken intimately with him?
      7. Do you pray your Salaah?
      8. Are you still studying?
      9. What are your aspirations?
      10. When thinking of whom you want to marry, have you taken into account your Hereafter?
      11. Who is this person your parents wish to marry you to?

      Once you have submitted your question, please let me know here and I will publish it.

      SisterZ Editor

  18. Asalam-o-alikum,my father wants me to marry his sister son.

    (Please log in and write your question as a separate post, thank you. - Editor)

  19. i love a boy very much ..he is from kashmir and im from andhra ..we both love each other ..but his father is not accepting me ..plz tell me any wazifa so that his father accepts me and come to my home to ask my hand with my parents ..plz sir answer me soon

    • Ruqsar, please read the comments already given. There are no magic words you can say that will cause his father to accept you. You can make dua', and that is all.


  20. Dear sisters and brothers I have a huge problem

    (Remainder of comment has been deleted. selina, please log in and write your question as a separate post, thank you. - Editor)

  21. AssalmuAlaikum
    my name is saba and i have a question

    (Remainder of your comment has been deleted. Please log in and write your question as a separate post, thank you. - Editor)

  22. As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.
    I love a girl & she also love me, we spoken with our parents about our relationship (rest of the comment has been deleted by the Editor)

    • Wa Alaikum as Salam wa Rahmatullahibwa Barakaatuhu,

      Kabir, please login and submit your question separately and we will answer you in turn in sha Allah.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  23. As Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.
    Bhaijan I already draft & posted u my question, i m waiting 4rm last week, bhaijan plz rply its vry urgnt & how do i comment on wordpress plz guide me... plz rply
    Allah Hafiz.

  24. Aslam o alikum i am too much worry because i love some one and his parents are agree but my parents are not agree because he lives in other city thats why my parents say that he live far from us and my parents say that their city environment us not good for you but i want to marry please tell me wazifa so that my parents get agree.

    • Wa Alaikum as Salam, soom,

      There is no magic to make them agree and there is no wazifa. The best thing to do is Salatul Istikhaarah. If you need further advise, please login and submit your question separately.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  25. sis i also love in a boy he is my relative but becuse of some problems my parents wont agree for aur marrige plz help me

  26. Aoa to all brothers and sisters . please pray for me k in js larky ko chati hn meri shadi us k sath ho jaey .please ar hmary parents be man jaey .please pray for me i shall be very thankful to u . please keep on praying for me .please

    • -same her keep praying fr u and plz u keep praying fr me... im on this stag .......u understand...Allah talah apko pk pyar se mila dy ameeen

  27. hi
    i need a wazifa any kind of duva to make my parents agree,,,actually i love a person he also loves me and wants to marry with me,..his parents are agree abut my parents are not agree specially my father,,coz he said that guy belong to poor family,,,he is good looking and he is doctor but my father said he has no car money etc etc .kindly tell any wazifa that solve my problem

    • heena, make dua, not wazifa. There are no magic words to "make" your parents agree. Make dua to Allah. Then make a halal plan to achieve what you seek. That's all.

      Wael Editor

  28. My friend want to marry me and so do i as we love each other, but his parents are not getting agree they. Do family marriages. He had dialouge with them many times and told them that inter-marriages are not safe all the time plus he likes me they fixed his engagement with his some cousin. We both want to get married in. Prayers of our elders. Plz tell me what to do and how can he convience his parents. Any wazifa that he can do

    • ASA sister Hayat,
      Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. Problem is on his side, also a man doesn't need his parent's permission to get married. Yes, there is no such thing as marrying only in one's family but it's the culture that people follow. Ask him to stand up for his right and if he truly loves you then convince his parents by whatever means possible to allow him to marry you. It is also important to note that if he is not willing to stand up for you now, how is he going to defend you ever if he has to after marriage (during family disputes which always head up)? Give it a thought too, a lot of sister write here complaining about the very thing that their husbands don't protect/defend them (when they are right).

      Also, don't forget to perform salatul istakhara and please keep this courtship halal so you have blessings of Allah (swt). If you need further advice, please log in and write your question as a separate post which will be answered as soon as possible.

      May Allah (swt) bless you with what is best for your dunya and akhira. Amin


  29. First of all, say your prayers (Namaz) 5 times a day regularly, no matter what happens. Do that your whole life regardless.

    Then after every Namaz, recite Surah Ikhlas, Durood-e-Ibrahim as many times you can. Or you can recite it atleast 100 times in a day, the more the better. Then always do TAUBA ISTIGFHAAR for all sins you have done 100 times a day. VERY IMPORTANT! Holy Prophet SAW has stated in Hadith that asking forgiveness from God everyday will provide relief from any distress and worries in life and that Allah will grant you from a source from where you didnt even imagine.

    Then pray Tahajud Namaz (you kind easily find the procedure from internet) and then pray. Allah will InshAllah InshAllah listen to your prayers. Dont worry.

    Recite "Wala Houla Wala Quwata, ILa Billa Hil Aliyul Azeem" continusly as many times you can. atleast 100 times.

    This verse is a treasure of Jannat and has so much Fazilat in reading it. Holy Prophet SAW has advised us to read it. All you problems will go away InshAllah. Just keep on praying and believe in Allah no matter what happens. InshAllah Allah will help you.

    and you can read also "Hasbonil-laaho Wa Naimul Waqeelo, Allallaahi Tawaqalna" Atleast one Tasbi daily. All of these are for asking Allah's help.

    I have done these at times of great worry and problems. MashAllah my problems got solved. But abstain from all bad things and, dont lie and trust in Allah. Always expect good from Allah.

    and plz make sure that you dont hurt anyone in achieving your ways. thats imp.

    Allah Hafiz

  30. and i want to add that i totally agree with the editor (Muhammad1982). man should be strong enough to take a stand. Islam allows a Muslim to marry person of his/her choice.You can however pray and make Dua that Allah should help get on the right track and that he should take a stand.(if this person is better for you in long run)

    take care

    but remember God says that whenever you need something,you should only ask God for help,keep trusting Him no matter what and He will do what He thinks is best for you.

    remember me in your prayers as well.

  31. me and my lover we love each other... [Editor's note: Please log in and submit your question as a new post for publication. It can then be answered in turn, inshaAllah.]

  32. plz reply plz reply ...m now visit ur website and send u my problem hope so u wiil reply me..

    • I am in a dire problem ..

      [Editor's note: If you require advice about your situation, please log in and submit your query as a new post for publication; that way it can be answered in turn, inshaAllah. Midnightmoon, editor.]

  33. Asalam o alaikum...

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  34. i have a prob that after 2 years my boy has changed...he is totaly changed....he left me....i realy love him i want him back so pls tel me any dua or wazzeefaa plxxx

    • yumnaaa, it is haram in the first place to have a boyfriend, so how can there be a dua' for something haram? If you were not married to him then there is not real bond between you. He is not obligated to you. I suggest that you make dua' to Allah to bring you a good husband who will support you, care for you, love you, and be a benefit to you in the dunya and aakhirah.

      Wael Editor

  35. As salam alikum
    I'm facing the same problem as mention above. We know eachother since 8 yrs. We wanted to get married. We have done istikhara for each other and alhumdulliah after doing that Allah has done many good things which will good for our future.His parents is agreed even they snd the proposal in an islamic way but as he is from another state and i'm from another state so my parents are not getting agreed. So plzzz kindly tell me any wazifa from which i can convice my parents. Please please please please remember me in your dua.

  36. Salam,

    [Editor's note: Please submit your question in English (if possible) as a new post for publication, rather than as a comment on an existing post. That way it can be published and answered in turn, inshaAllah.]

  37. Aasalmulaikum....

  38. kindly help me.. im worried for my sis she loves someone but my parents are not agree for that so plz tell me any wazifA

  39. My cousin sister's father who are very irresponsible person and he dont have any interest to earn money for his family. They are three sister and a four year brother.Her mother and father never read namaz but she prefer all five time namaz.Her mother is also very careless lady.Only she does all the household work and she goes out to earn money her mother and father never support her. she does work for survive daily expenses.

    Could you please let me know any wazifa for her. So that her father or mother chould be change or make her understand.

    • She can make dua' to Allah to guide her parents. Ultimately, however, each person is responsible only for his/her own deeds. No one can change anyone else. The best thing she can do is continue to pray and work and try to build a future for herself.

      Wael Editor

    Am zohaib Amin i love a girl name tanzeela we r university class fellow i love and my mother father agree for my Nikkah with her but situation is that girl sister and mother not agree his sister and mother prefer his aint son kindly pray for me we both weep :'(

  41. I hv a boyfriend we want to get married but his parents are asking for car,jewllery etc..just because they vry high status and in return they want same marriage to do. And from my side my dad is not agree because we cannot afford so much coz we are from middle class family plz tell me some dua to solve this problem and get married happily, I have vry less time plz help otherwise my dad is doing my rishta with some other boy aftr a month.plz suggest me some dua so that both of our parents get agree and also marriage proposal comes from his side.

    • it seems the boys parents are materialistic. i think you need to get both families together and try tro resolve this matter and if not as painfull as it is, going your separate ways is the best option maybe not in your eyes now but trust me it will in the long run. marriage is not about money, cars jewelerry. rather two people coming together for the sake of allah swt, to complete half your deen and to stive to become better muslims. his parents should understand and realise that although you may not be as blessed financially, they should compromise, and if they cant before marriage more than likely after marriage the demands will just keep going and casue problems in your marriage. this site is full of examples similar to yours. read the posts and advices given.

      one thing i would definaltyu recommend is read istikhara. ask allah to do whatever is best for you, not for you to get married to this boy. if he is meant to be in your life, things will work out for the best, if not know that this is the result of your istickahra and allah has wisdom in doing what is best for us. i hope things work our for you, but remember, you cannot change people, change has to come from within.

  42. Hi

    I have a person who I want to get married to and same with him but our parents don't want us to be together more so his mom and she is creating a new problem each day and she doesn't want to see us together no matter what. We don't want to just go and do our nikah in a mosque as we want his mom to be agreed on it as well as my parents . PLease please suggest something I could do or he could do to have this happen. You are my last hope please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Assalamalikum,
    I m also in same situation. I m in luv with a guy he is nyc his family also knw abt me they r ready to accept me bt my parents r nt convenced they r looking sum othr guy 4 me plzz help me.. any wazifa for it
    Remember me in ur prayers.
    Allah hafiz

  44. Kindly reply. Mein ek insan ko pasnd krti hn but us ki family nhi manti please mjy kch parhny ky liy btay ky us ki family convence ho jy

  45. Salamwalekum
    I would like to ask you wafiza regarding :
    I love a guy.... My mom is ready just want to convience my dad... Please help me
    Jazak Allah khair

  46. Mery parents mra rishta dekh rahy hain....

    • Please submit your question in English as a separate post, and we will answer you in turn, Insha'Allah. However, if you are just asking for a wazifa then be aware that we do not answer such questions, as it has nothing to do with the Quran or Sunnah.

      Wael Editor

    • i am in a relationship from last 9 years we really love each other and need to do marriage my all family is happy with this expect my mom dad and brother he is out of family and out of cast but we don't have any issue with this. my mom and dad just making ana problem. I NEED A WAZIFA FOR THIS purpose.

      • Read this article:

        Wazifa in Islam

        Wael Editor

        • sorry i did not get you.

          • Assalaamualaikam

            The article outlines why wazifa is not part of Islamic practice. There is no magic ritual or words to say that will make something happen the way you want - if you want to be successful in this life and the next, the best way is to follow Islamic practices, make dua and trust in Allah that His plan for you is what will be best for you.


  47. M also 2 much worried...I am alredy enganged with my cousion...but I dont want to marry him...I am in love with another boy..he is also from my famly..plz give me solution...i'll b thankful

  48. Salaam,
    I'm 18 years old. I pray my salah's regularly. I've got three proposals from family. I rejected one of them because he doesn't study, he is from a good family and also shows interest in me but for me, education is very important. The second one is a lawyer, he is 7 years older than me but I believe age does not matter in a relationship when you have a good understanding, he is interested in me and he is from a good family, he is a mature, sincere and honest man. I really want him to be my future partner but my father doesn't agree because of some ego problems. The third one has done IT and works in Saudia, his family is a bit conservative than ours. My father doesn't agree with the third one as well. I want to get married to the 2nd one, no one in the family is supporting me to convince my dad. It's already been 1 year now to his proposal. No one waits for soo long for the answer. Many ppl from my family did love marriages but at my time no one supports me just coz the ego prob even tho the ppl who did love marriages have done that in the family from where this proposal came. My dad has no prob with that guy. How should I convince my dad? Please, advice me something. I really need a good advice at the moment.

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