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I need Allah’s forgiveness

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The Door of Allah's Forgiveness is Still Open!


I am engaged in watching bad stuffs. I repent and promise that I will not do it again but after some days or weeks or months I repeat the same process....

I am afraid of ALLAH's anger and think that he will not forgive me as I am doing it again and again....

I am also afraid that ALLAH will give me a severe punishment for this or will not succeed me in my exams....

What can I do now?? I am very shameful to ask for forgiveness
plz help.....


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  1. The more you ask forgiveness, the closer you will feel to Allah and the easier it will become to get rid of this habit, do not despair of Allah's mercy keep asking for forgiveness and doing everything in your power to avoid this sin.

    If you need further info on this matter search the archives , there's a lot more answers there.

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