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Assalamualaykum, we are married for 7 yrs and having daughter of 5 yrs. My wife is having affair wth my cousin bro... actually not affair its only the matter of financial status as he earns in abroad and am working in india with decent earning of haal. But she needs more for luxury life and so due to this she is having affairs wth other as well.

This all happening from last 3-4 yrs and i was somehow aware of it. But recently i got all proof and witness. So we had fought and kick her to my laws in mumbai. Unlucky she didnt went to her parents as she was on fault and even they are aware of it as well. Its about 3 months we had a lot of convention and 2 meetings and she denied for everything yet and blames me for everything happens .

I told her to leave all ur past and her cell phone which might be the measures cause f all as she locks her phone and get busy in it with chatting on calls even not look after household responsibilities & my daughter. (Once am out of house either went to work or just move from home she comes online on fb line whatssap.. Whenever i caught  her fr that she refused or argued that she cant talk to her family etc... Which make life hell once i come back home with al fights and endless talks...) we will try to start again.

But she refuse it and want me to live on her terms. Which i refused. Now she want divorce and am agreed too. And my daughter is wth me from 3 mnths and she is keep interested in her aswell..

Even my laws Say's me to divorce her and start me life as in these 3 months she changed a lot and terms of Islam become bold and no fear of anyone. She believed that is i smart enough to live life as somehow feel happy in her life will no boundaries ot we can say responsibilities. an still confused and planning to meet her last time if things workout. Otherwise in will give divorced her in front of her family.

Am in depression and tensed about my daughters future. And plze help me what's the procedure of divorce? It's only to say it verbal in front of 2 witness or need a proof of hard copy so that will help me in future from her harassments as she did in past as well?

So kindly help me this situation. As she was in worst conditions at present with affairs wth anyone having or support her with financially. She is even with physical relationships in past and currently. We didnt share husband wife relation since october 2015. Plze help me out with this situation...???


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  1. Stick up for yourself. Divorce her quick, she cares little about her standing in front of Allah, nevermind you. Dont worry about her, these people soon realise their faults when they get tested themselves. Her behaviour is disgusting. You can do it with just two witnesses however, you said she is a hassle so I would sign a paper at the same time so you have evidence to avoid future problems. Arrange what you want to do about your child according to your laws and what you feel. Allah make it easy for you. You will and can find someone better.

  2. Quickly divorce her and don't waste time .She seems to be kind of person with no distinction between good and bad . Divorce her fast n move on .

  3. Thnx for the replies.... Here is the update situtions.ASW. I am married wth 6 yrs old girl. In last 8 months my wife ia not wth me as i have through her because of her external affairs for we had big fight and i sent her to her parents house. But she didnt went there and stay separate as she know they will not accept her as well. Now after almost 8 month she want to come back and told she did wrong and fell guilty. But in betwn this he wants to come on her terms and conditions. I have give her divorce in march 2016 and in all these months he had physical affairs wth lots of man. Even did couple of abortions. Which was told by her sister. Its hard to trust her as he is doing all this from last 5-6 yrs and i kept pataince and prays everyday tht one mornig she will realized wht she is doing or did was wrong in all terms. But she refused about all and start fight and abusing me... Am shaki & syco sick etc... So i started tracking her calls and chats and i hve tons of proofs now. And she is aware of all these now.

    For me its difficult to trust her and belive wht she says. But somehow and till in love wth her and thinks about my daughter which is wth me all these 8 months. We both are some how in depression and hope one day she will back and committed her mistakes.

    My question is should i have do again nikah to her and accept her on ALLAH' s behave and accept her with all the sins she committed?? Or should i move wth my daughter... We are in confusion and the day i try to belive her i see or heAr some activities of her which not permission ed in Islam... For eg. On 24 june she is having birthday and she went to imagica wth some guy for sure and whn i askwd she lied its an old pixs and she did.. She lied and i can feel it and now abt it as well... Plze suggest me. Because of all this my life is terrible and somehow am getting depression and tense.... !!!?

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