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I need help and a wazifa for love marriage

True Love

I need help for love marriage. I want to be in nikah with him according to the guidelines of islam. I am already doing 1 wazeefa. Please tell me another one too.

I recite 1 tasbeeh of durood sharid. and 500 times " ya musabbabil asbaab ya lateefu".

Here is my story...

My boyfried started liking me in the 10th grade. He loved me like hell. From dawn to dusk he was texting me. It all started after the completion of 10 th grade . Now it has been 7 years approx. It started in 2008. Due to our societal restrictions we couldn't meet a lot of times so we met just 9 to 10 times in all these years . Initially we became physically closer like shaking hands, hugs etc but gradually we became more. Putting off shirt n etc . But we still are virgins.

Now in 2014 i am done with my graduation. My parents want me to get married at least in a year or a two. BUT he - my bf is not prepared. He has not studied after 12th grade. He is not doing anything for living. His father died this year. And now he doesn't texts me by himself. If i text him he talks . Sometimes he is fine sometimes upset. I cannot think of living without him .

He said me in july that he will not be able to marry me and i should get prepared for all this. But i told him that he is upset that is why he thinks like this. I assured him that i will wait for him and will only marry him . He said "ok lets see what happens im tring my best to do something and earn" .

Now after that we strted it normally . We had sexting and chats etc. But gradually now he doesnt texts me first . What should i do? I want him to love me like the way he did in the beginning. I want him to miss me and think of me and getting married to me .

p.s : i cannot confont him . If i do so he tells me to end the relationship as he is already too upset and burdened in his life. I try to help him emotionally but nothing is working.
advice plz

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  1. Hey my name is tayyaba and i loved a sikh boy .we really love each other but our parents are not agree for that.but we wanted to please help ua nd tell sumthing

    • Tayyiba, a Muslim woman cannot marry a Sikh. It is not allowed in Islam. So there is no justification for having a relationship with this boy. You have no future with him unless he is willing to convert to Islam.

      Wael Editor

  2. Helo everyone...

    • English please. And if you have a question of your own then please register and submit it as a separate post, thanks.

      Wael Editor

  3. Sister, saba sister have given you good and correct advice please listen to her and my advice is , its ok that you love him according to your mind, it is not love sister your mind is edict to him to his words, and when you text him sit back and think of your self you have forget your world, allah`s guidence, parents, brothers, sisters, and even your future, think that his is not able to fight for you, not able to comfort you, and more over he is not responding you, then why do you want him back what if he will not look after you, what if he blames you in future, for all these things sister allah has told us to be in hijab, hijab means to not just cover ourself it means to protect ourself from wrong things which ruin our mind and take ur to depression and make us alone at last situation will be lead to dislike even to allah. So sister listen to saba sis and forget that guy because it is haraam

  4. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "wazeefa". Anyone can make sincere duas to Allah for their needs and trust Him will give us the best. Period.

    "I recite 1 tasbeeh of durood sharid. and 500 times " ya musabbabil asbaab ya lateefu"." DO YOU KNOW the meaning of it? I am sorry to point out that: does it sound like one is practising vodoo!!! By reciting something something for 1000s times and your lover will change his mind. It is so ridiculus! Please stop this. Stop interpreting dreams or signs! This is not for a believer.

    I completely agree Sr Saba advice. Love comes from both sides and yours is LUST / DESIRE and a one side traffic.

  5. Assalam alaikum,

    In all honesty, your question is purely a relationship question and your desire to be with your bf is driven by your wants more than anything. Also, you want to know what wazeefa to use, yet your relationship with him entailed a way, it seems you are unaware or your conscience is sleeping whilst your desires are alert, driving your soul.

    Do you want to be your boyfriend because it would make you happy? Do you want to make your boyfriend happy? Do you want to make Allah swt happy? What do you want? What is the most important thing to you?

    You have to start thinking about your actions and start thinking about what your top priority should be.

    1. There are no such thing as wazeefas. This is something conjured up in the Indian subcontinent - if you want something, make sincere du'a to Allah swt and then prepare for it to be answered immediately or answered later or rejected completely.

    2. Stop your relationship with your boyfriend as it is haram. Hopefully this does not need any further explanation.

    3. Your boyfriend doesn't have interest in marrying you and it seems he only responds to you eventually when you contact him. This could be out of guilt as he feels an obligation to you all this time.

    4. Repair your relationship with Allah swt and understand this dunya isn't about getting what we want through magic wazeefas - it is a world of tests: some tests we are deprived of what we want and in others we are given something in abundance.

    5. Listen to your parents. There must a good reason for why they have rejected him--given that he is not willing to fight for you or even himself, you need to understand and respect this wish.

    May Allah help you to understand what is best for you, Ameen.

  6. Iiza, love truly is blind. Look at the facts, he isn't educated, doesn't earn, and is not even a good muslim.

    What you really should be looking for is a wazefa to forget the guy. Also, even if things do work out between you two, I sincerely doubt that your parents would ever agree to someone like that.

    Moving on and forgetting someone is hard but making a marriage decision out of pure passion and then regretting and trying to get out of it is much harder.

    I have a feeling you have heard all what I just said before from your friends etc. Any one who thinks best for you would say the same thing. Start listening please 🙂

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