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I need help coming back to the right path


Hi everyone. Thank you for reading before hand and anyone who answers and intends to guide me in the right path is greatly appreciated.

I was in a 5 year relationship with someone who I truly loved and it has finished just now 2 months ago, after we stopped talking to each other after a fight. This made me realise my worth in his life , and made me want to change my lifestyle which was normal however not Islamic in the sense that I would never pray salah, read the Quran, wouldn't like hearing about Islam if my brother and mother would talk about it, stuff like that.

I started learning all the Duas I forgot and started praying 5 times, mashAllah now I don't miss a prayer and it has relieved my mind a lot. I was  going through a lot prior to praying, and it has made me more sane in the sense that I now have more patience when dealing with my family members and I don't feel angry all the the time which I used to with him as he would disobey all the rules I had set.

Anyway I have started to repent after every prayer and I do sincerely and genuinely as I fear Allah and I understand completely the ramifications of this sin that I have made, which not only includes adultery but other as well which are all linked with this major sin (e.g lying , stealing, disrespecting). I cry my eyes out when I read that Allah (the almighty) will forgive who sincerely repent to him.

I don't want to ever do it again, I repent everyday, I've stopped doing the sin, I've hit all the markers of what I should do, and I will definitely start reading the Quran again to gain more knowledge as I sometimes feel that I lack a lot and that makes me want to have questions towards stuff which I should know already.

Bottom line is I need motivation as to how I should steer clear, even though I am not struggling on this right path. I guess I need someone to share the same way there going through and how they have lived their life. Love is everything to me as well as family.


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    Alhamdulillah you have already started to make the changes you need - and with the intention of following the straight path, inshaAllah your faith will strengthen in time.

    One of the best ways to motivate yourself to learn and practise more, is to spend time with practising people and in Islamic environments. Your local masjid or community centre should inshaAllah have sisters-only study groups and community projects - find out about them and start going along. InshaAllah you can make new friends there who are, like you, working on strengthening their deen.

    If your mother and brother are also practising, talk with them about Islam and ask them about surahs or other resources they find helpful. Maybe you and your mother could attend some talks together? That would be a nice way to spend time with each other as well.

    Midnightmoon editor

  2. Assalamwalekum sister
    I too am trying to get back to Allah after having made some grave mistakes in life and suffured.
    I find dhikr to be very helpfull. There are some duas mentioned in the forums here and most of those are. Befound in a booklit published by Darussalam called private devotions :suplications for morning and evening.

    Saying these duas morning and evening really keeps me grounded and even if you find them time consuming and tough in the beginning, you will learn most of them just by repeting and they will become easy. But do read the translation of all (if uhhyou arent an arab). Knowing what you are saying really helps

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