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At first i used to set alarm for the fajr prayers and used to get up for he prayer then suddenly i stopped waking up for the fajr prayers I checked my alarm it properly working but still cant wake up fajr prayer....... plzzz help me find a way to wake up for the prayer?????.....

thanx for your time

Maaz Mustafa

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  1. Assalaamualaikum Maaz bhai,

    With respect to Fajr salah, light dinner and also early night sleep is best to wake up for.
    Also applies to tahajjud.

  2. instead of a alarm clock get a azan clock or get a azan app on your phone its more suffice then alarm clocks

  3. salam .Well i dont know your schedule.So theres alot to ask......Do you go bed late Do you watch movies eating Haram foodsand intoxications .All these should be avoided if you havnt already have. For blk magic read manzil. So if nothing applies to you above then thumbs up. before bed you should be in wudu have read the 3 kuls sleeping dua and make niyyat for tajjahud and salah for fajr at mosque....Onething rang in my mind is dont eat heavy before bed. thus is a bad practice. good luck

  4. Do you have anyone who lives with you? If they are a light sleeper, maybe they could set an alarm to wake up to and then wake you up. I am a very deep sleeper myself, even the loudest alarm can't make me fully awake. I normally have a parent or older sibling wake me up.

    And don't sleep too late, because that won't really help, now will it 🙂
    And like some people mentioned in the comments before, eating too much before bed is going to make it a real struggle to wake up. Whenever you choose to have your dinner, make sure it is a good number of hours before sleeping.

  5. Salaam my post is still pending. Can anybody pls reply me? I'm so depressed in my life these days pls I'm humbly begging u to me good advice on this pls, realy I can't live my life like normal person, passing single seconds are killing me pls help me n ask dua 4 me pls.

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