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I need help with spiritual growth


I'm a student studying both religious and secular, a typical problem I'm facing with, that I fail to be moral within myself  when I'm back home from hostel. When I'm there in hostel I feel better relief spiritually, I do pray salah perfectly, and I do engage in every  good things, but not when I'm home. Also sometimes, unknowingly I end doing sins, haraams, which I feel as an obstacle to my studies. The sin what I commit became like an addiction, can't be far from it ... Please give me a relief, a solution.


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  1. Salam,

    I find that developing and keeping a close relationship with the Quran is the best way to keep your eiman up and to stay away from sins 🙂

  2. Being away from home can be one of the best or worse things for your faith. I'm sure you have seen how bright and different people are!. The Quran says Allah has made us into many tribes so that we may learn from one another. Seeing everyone else's perspective on things can be exhilarating, as long as you stay with Allah. Allah is most forgiving so if you repent this "sin" he may well accept and forgive. But what sin is this that you continue to commit? If it is addictive it is probably bad for you is it not?

  3. well thats sad but you have test and the more we do sin it blackens are heart that we cannot reflect sooooo attend mosque daily stay with the jammats and be involved with the community and hink of getting married to a person that is learned and beautiful. i was in the same boat ... i got married in to a scholor only net 3 times which she asked me questions and ever since are love has grown and one more thing beauty is in the heart and that reflects on the face if the person has deen..... Dont be fooled by a hot model That is temporary it will wash up and come to an end. these are the tricks of shaitan to destroy the ummah and dont think you need money to get married. when i got married i had no job but Allah opens up avenues .Remember you will at times get tested right at the end of things. So be prepared and put trust in Allah..For the movies the bad sites its up to you to decide When things are not in favour and life is stressful and you are getting hurt etc........then know this the angels are cursing and nothing will go your way..

  4. OP: Also sometimes, unknowingly I end doing sins, haraams, which I feel as an obstacle to my studies.

    what sins are you doing "unknowingly"? What haram are you doing in home that you can't do in hostel?

    How this is an obstacle in your studies?

  5. Your title is completely different from what you wrote. Moreover. your study of both "religious and secular" is confusing.
    By they way, your problem is the tendency if committing sins when at home. That means, your tendency of sin strongly depends on environment. Just try to live more in the place where you commit less sins
    Islam is all about living our life according to Quran and Sunnah. There is nothing spiritual in Islam

  6. Assalamualiku.

    My dear brother. this is the blessing of Allah that you regret after you commit a sin which is the sign of Imaan. I am not a scholar but I can understand your situation as I have gone through the same.

    No matter how hard a person tries to stay connected with Allah (as you used word "spiritually" which I understood you mean the love of Allah and love of Quran and love of praying and other good deeds or the feelings of good deeds) but it is almost impossible until you stay with the people who have these qualities. If you spend most of your time with people who don't pray and don't bother committing sins like watching movies listening music etc you will become like them.

    I ask forgiveness to Allah for the sins we commit. May Allah accept our all good deeds. Ameen.

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