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I need to cancel this marriage

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Assalamu alaikkum..

My engagement finish on feb 12... My marriage will be by aug 26... But I don't like to marry that girl. I tried so many ways by reciting quran and ayaths like that but I cannot even love her. So I need to cancel this one. Can you suggest me something to recite to cancel this relation, please... otherwise may be I will die... my mind is like that..


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  1. walaikum asalam,

    no such ayah to recite in order to cancel anything. if you are not happy then tell your parents, tell the woman you don't want to marry. situation like this, you have to man up and say how you feel. don't expect magically it will cancel just by reciting ayahs from the qur'an.


  2. Im not sure if its rude but it sounds like you should be a man and stand up for yourself.

  3. Allah helps those who help themselves. Tell your family that you are going to cancel the engagement, then go ahead and contact the girl's family yourself and tell them that you will not be going forward with this marriage. Be sensitive in your approach but firm in your resolve. Goof luck

  4. First of all you can't love someone by reciting ayahs. Love grows naturally when your married and start living with one another, sharing many moments together. However if your not attracted to her and don't feel you have the capacity to love her then be mature about it and end the engagement, don't wait and see what happens after marriage. Don't ruin her life, end the engagement now if u don't feel compatible.

  5. Assalaamu Alaikkum

    U shud have had guts to tell ur parents before engagement ,
    U were present for while they fixed the girl for u and u dint have guts to tell u dont like
    again u had days between engagement and u dint have guts to tell ,

    now after finishing engagement & giving hope in the heart of the girl(v.imp) now u wana cancel but u dont know how?and dont have guts

    I think u r not the right choice for the girl,,,and a girl need a man not a coward

    sorry if iam rude
    yes i am but its the fact that the hearts get broken
    sorry again


    • This kind of guy is not man enough. How come you ask for the hand of someone you dont love. The girl already expect about the wedding. Come on. Just pursur her. True love starts with marriage 1st.

  6. Brother please tell your parents or better the woman about it... i am guessing because thats usually the case that you are hesitant about breaking off the engagement because what will the family say... what will the society say... your parents will have to suffer embarassment and answer qyestions so and so forth and perhaps you are also thinking that you abd your fiance may never get married again because of the stigma of a broken engagement... especially if ur from the indian subcontinent you may be facing all these unfair pressures...
    If thats the case then remember one thing a broken engagement is far better than a broken marriage... ANY DAY....
    I went through the same think bothe me and my ex were not happy with each other during our courtship... i tried breaking it though.. sent my brother to talj to him but he iinsisted all was good but we didnt like each other and our marriage ultimately ended... and we both hoped that it would have been better to break of the engagement but all those reasonsabove stopped us... and what our parents and especially us have to go through because of the divorce is far far worse....
    So please man up... take the responsibility and end it..
    It will be better for both you and her
    Having said that... think through before taking this step because sometimes its also true that we get paranoid and nervous during engagements and when we start living together and get married we realise that things are not that bad... so i suggest you talk very honestly and very frankly to ypur fiance... reason out why you dont like.. she may or may not have issues with you to... figure them out see if you can on them... and if not then tell her frankly that you dont think you sgould marry her for so and so reason...

  7. Close friend of mine had her heart broken by someone who didn't want her or loved her all because HE WAS EXACTLY IN THE SAME POSITION AS YOU later regretted it and divorced my friend how unfair was that. My friend till this day will not marry again because of the emotional pain the man put her through.

    TELL YOUR PARENTS dont ruin another girls life ITS NOT HER FAULT.
    Have the guts to be HONEST once its done you cannot turn the clocks back. THINK long and hard in future if you are marriage material.

  8. reciting ayats doesnt work like witch craft or a love potion, you mentioned in your other posts that your family pressured you to engage the women. If your family pressured you to jump off a bridge , would you? The point being is if you fear others because of what they might think of you or if you let others cloud your judgement then your the one whose going too have to suffer not them. Fear no one but Allah.

    Did you do istikhara?

    Maybe there is some greater benefit in this marriage which you cant see yet and Allah only knows about it.

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