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I now feel like suicide is the only way out ='(


I tried self help a lot ..... I cried and begged from Allah a lot ..... I did all I could still no way out.

I'm unable to understand myself or my problem ..... I now feel anxious with my parents too especially my mother ='(

.....When you know the world is against you ... you go to your mother ... But what to do if you feel unsafe and anxious with your mother too ??? ='( And you have no one to turn to or to listen to you .... When you feel like the whole world is against you when you can't control your thoughts and anxiety, and your brain is out of your control.

I can't take it any more .......  Where should I go? ..... Don't my tears have any value near Allah ??? ='(((


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  1. What exactly is wrong with your brain, do you heart thoughts you shouldn't be hearing? Can you not hear your thoughts? What do you mean when you say your brain is out of control? Do you overthink a lot?

  2. I'm sorry you feel like committing suicide but honey you need to know that there are lots of people feeling low. Start praying to Allah and please get help from your GP. I was once thinking loads when I was young, I had no one in the world cuz my mother was a sly git, still is! I was brought up by English foster parents had a horrible childhood from one foster parent to another, then I turned to Allah swt prayed and stopped feeling angry at myself and others. Grew up,and left my foster parents found that the love of Allah was through prayers,so started praying asking for his guidance ,finally got a job that's where I met my muslim husband. I'm happy now passed is layed to rest, Allah will give me justice One day. Things were not easy for me honey but I moved on,with help from Allah.
    I am a mother now to my children and insha Allah one day will do my duty well.. as a mother which my mother didn't do for me.
    Anyways all I'm trying to say don't think negative, get help!
    Don't know what you are going through as you wrote nothing that really stood out.
    It's haram trying to end life, it's not yours to take,Allah swt gave us life so respect it please. PLEASE PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR OKAY!
    Remember life is what you make of it, things happen at times to best of us, but we just have to move on. I will do dua for you that you stop thinking negative and instead be a positive person. Please pray and you'll soon see the difference. There are loads of help out there if you visit your GP.

  3. Sister,

    What is it that is making you so distraught? Why the anxiety? It would really help to know the struggle that you are going through in order to try to offer you advice. Why can't you talk to your mother? Why is it that you feel unsafe?

    If you are in school, can you speak with a counselor? Suicide is never the answer to anything. No matter what you are going through (and I mean no matter what), you can get through it. You don't have to be alone.

    Please reach out to us here on this forum and tell us why you are feeling the way you are (if you want to). Something is obviously going on in your life that is making you feel the way you do but it is hard to guide you not knowing what it is.

    May Allah guide you and keep you safe.


  4. Life is complicated , you have to know every step of your life, cause it's interesting. The stage of life you are now spending will end in the next stage , there will be new life, new problems, new things that is more interesting than this stage. Leave your mom , or just don't talk to her anymore, if she does not like you , you also don't share your problems with her. It's about your self esteem. Sometimes parents become unknown or like aliens, this fact in some people's life. Through tolerance and endurance you will learn lot of things. I hope you will not be so stupid to go for suicide.

  5. Pls & pls smbody should help me. Am seriously in a critical condition at the moment & want an advice through this platform bt dnt know how to do it. Pls smbody shud help me out fisabilillah. Am about losing my self & iman.

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