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I really want her in my life

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Asslam o Alikum sir I am very confused and don't no what to do. I love a girl for last five years she loves me too and we want to marry but there is a problem from her side she is unable to tell about our relationship to her parents because she thinks that after telling them the trust they do on her will lost. Because she said her elder sister is have a boyfriend and he meeted with her family and her sister and the boy wants to marry each other by physically her mom is happy but from inside she's not. And when her mother let her know the relationship of her elder sister she said that what ever will be done (my younger daughter ) which is my girlfriend will Marry from her choice. She told me this and said that she don't want to do hurt her mom we have to terminate this relationship and she quit. Its a matter of 5 years I don't no what to do I pray 5 times ALHAMDULILLAH And pray from ALLAH that please make the condition and situation that I will get her and marry her. I will not blame her because I know she is doing just due to her mom. But I cannot live without her I am not strong as she is. I feel that my life is just ended up I really want her in my life. From last 2 or  3 weeks I am praying from ALLAH that I will do what will be in my fate and I am leaving it on you because You Are a best decision maker to your man to whom you created. Sometimes I really miss her and again dua from Allah that please keep and make her mine because she is everything to me and I cannot imagine to live without her. I had done istekhra also many times but couldn't evaluate the result. I have also done some wazeefas. Kindly tell me what to do all I can now is to wait for the best JAZAK ALLAH.


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  1. Salam Farzan,

    I recommend going to her mom and being nice to her. Maybe then her mom will like you and pick you. Can you see her mom? If not, have you tried having your parents send a proposal to her parents?

  2. Walikumsalaam brother,

    As the comment above segusted u shold meet her mom and her famly in perosn try to win thier hearts. Dont tell tuem ur relitionship to ur gf. Send ur perents to ask for her hand. U cant just rely on dua and wazifa u have to take action. Dont give up before trying evrything. As well as dua u need to take action and start by wht we segusted u here.

    May allah make it easy for u.


  3. its ok to send proposal at her home. your mother should talk to her father for the proposal. this would be the right way to do it. parents get angry cause they think they know the world better than their children do and thats how they become over protective and decision makers.

  4. Good luck man you are crying for her

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