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I regret that I did an abortion?


May Allah grant us all with the beautiful blessing of parenthood, aameen.

Am extremely regretting that I did an abortion being a muslim. I have a baby girl 11mnths and recently became pregnant again. My husband was very happy and told me to let the baby come.

I always do all my namaz and give Islamic solutions  to everybody.

But I did a big mistake of aborting a 8weeks unborn.

My husband is just so angry with me, that he says he regrets to have a wife like me. Am deeply regretting what I did. I wish I had never done that. I don't know how shaitaan could have won over me.

Allah is surely angry with me for having done such a haram thing and my husband sad. I regret, regret. Hoping that Allah will forgive me. Deeply sad that my loving husband is not talking to me and treating me badly.

Please help. Make dua for me.


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  1. how can he be treating you badly if he isnt talking to you , why would you sin on purpose and abort for no reason. Nothing you can do now except repent

  2. I'm shocked as to why did you feel the need to abort? I have a nine month old baby and I found out recently that I am 5 weeks pregnant. Although, I was initially a bit panicked about how will I cope up with such a small age gap and since we are struggling financially, I was not happy initially but as days passed by I surrendered to Allah's will, surely he'll carve out good ways for me and my husband and solve all our financial problems and make it easy for us.

  3. That wasn't right sister, your husband has every right to be mad.... I hope Allah can forgive you. In the future though remember that Allah wouldn't make you go through something that you couldn't handle, so trust Allah.

  4. The sister is already guilty over her act. Kindly give her advice on how to deal with her regret and make her relationship with her husband better. Do not make her feel more ashamed by giving your examples of patience and belief. She has already done what shouldn't be done by any of us in any circumstances.

    Sister l advice you to first sincerely ask forgiveness of ALLAH. If He the Almighty forgives you, then surely everything would get better soon. Secondly keep it in your mind that the act you have done is not a small sin, so the consequences you have to face in terms of your husband's anger would obviously be heavy, so you must have to show patience and courage to face his behavior as he is also feeling grieved over loosing a baby and on top of that all because of you, means you disappointment him badly.

    May He, The Almighty forgive you and provide you with a chance of reviving happiness in your married life.

  5. We all make mistakes, some big and some small who am I to judge.

    But let me tell you something sister, make this a means of getting closer to Allah, Pray and Cry to Allah like never before and make intention to never disobey Allah's commands and try to be the best Muslimah, Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend you can possibly be but most importantly be the best Slave of Allah.

    Pray Tahujud, try keeping voluntary fasts, read Quran on a daily basis even if its 1 ayah a day, all these will get you closer to Allah. We are the sons and daughters of Adam AS ... its in our nature to Sin however the Belever is the one who repents and improves as a Muslim.

    The regret you feel and show to Allah, If your Husband is a loving Husband like you say he will soon come around and see your regret Insha'Allah. He needs space so don't pester him too much just carry on being the best wife you can be.

    May Allah forgive you and make your Husband forgive you and May Allah bless you with a beautiful pious life, Marriage and Akhirah ... AMEEN!

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