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I sent him pictures – I feel so guilty!

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Salaam alikum

I feel so ashamed and guilty and I dont know what to do. I cannot get this thought out of my head, I was I was dead sometimes even though I know suicide is a sin. I met this man online he was a friend of a friend and we became good friends. He spoke of marriage and promosing me a future. I was so naive and stupid. I had low self esteem and did not want to be alone. He made me feel special and I let him take advantage of me. I sent him explicit pictures without my face because he kept pressurising me I was very low in my deen so I did not see how bad it was. It was only when I removed this man from my life that I realised my mistake . I feel disgusted with myself because I not only exposed myself but I sent a picture of a body part you know where you are not allowed to have intercourse I don't want to say the word it's so embarrassing it brings me shame 🙁 i don't know what I was thinking. The thing is he is harrassing me online on fb since I cut out of my life. He is calling me porn star. Bitch etc. He thinks it's okay to harrassment me because I come from Asian country that has bad problem with prostition. So I feel I let myself and my country down.

The thing is what if I want to get married in the future to a lovely man and the guilt will eat me, if I tell him bout that disgusting body part I took he will think I'm an animal. Guys I can't even be happy around my parents because I'm scared that the guilt will eat me up. They don't know that I'm been harrassed and it makes me so bad that I did something so irresponsible. I made tawbah with allah but i feel guilty around my family and my future husband.


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  1. Dear yoyo
    I read your message and I belong too from Asia culture yes you have done wrong and sin but we are human being we do mistakes and sin cause mostly we follow non Islamic society and culture so done is done and they guy whom you sent pictures he is really stupid he shouldn't do this but you no need to worry Allah is great Allah will help you just try to close all of your accounts Facebook and every social site for time being and if you find future husband before married him try to tell him the true if possible past is past just think of future ok take care

  2. Assalaamualaikam

    Assuming the pictures don't include your face, there's no way that he could prove those pictures are of you. Block him from your life and make sure that you don't make this mistake again. Look at your life choices and find ways to make your life more in line with Islamic principles, try to develop your self-esteem through halal activities (charity work, study, work, making friends with pious sisters) so that you don't find yourself in this situation again. And remember to make tawbah - Allah is Most Merciful and has promised He will grant His Mercy to us if we offer sincere repentance. I'd advise that you don't mention this to anyone else - your family and future husband don't need to know about this.

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. Delete him out of your life. It is alright if you have made the mistake bu ask Allah to forgive you an dpray that he keep the curtain shut on our secrets.

  4. walaikum salam sister, i recommend you tell your parents about the pictures and explain everything to them in detail and tell them that you were stupid and naive. It would be an even bigger sin if you hid this fact from your parents and you most certainly cannot cheat them like this. They brought you up! And when you do reveal this to your parents tell your mother first so she can calmly make your father understand. And your ex can't prove it's you as your face isn't visible; block him from everything so he cant harass you. Also, he has no right calling you a pornstar!!! You haven't done half of the things pornstars do!! I will do dua for you and your future spouse but to give you more useful advise i need you to answer a few questions for me. Has your ex expose you (leaked your pics) ? How old are you? And are you dating anyone at the moment ? For the time being my advise for you is to do taubah and more islamic stuff and plead for forgiveness as this is a really big sin. And please do answer my questions and take care xx I hope to hear from you soon

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