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Assalamualaikum Friends I want your advice.. Actually I'm a reserved kinda person who believes in one man woman..but i did something wrong...

i was learning language through an app where we can talk several people across the world but I avoid talking to males there I talk to girls only as i don't keep male friends.. but one day I've got msg from a guy he was muslim n he was like expert of giving advices n i told him i will talk but consider you as my brother.. he was okay with that n then we talk alot he said I'm his ideal.. he wants wife like me he praises me alot we share our pic to each other as we want to see each other..

its about 2 years we are in contact. I also started liking him we forgot our bro sis relation n we are like friends.. One day I was playing a whatsapp dare he too joins it n he got a task of making me gf for 7 days.. n we were just playing n ol of a sudden topics came abt hawtness.. He is from london so he said I saw girls wearing short clothes here i said him naughty he then said I look to see which design will suits you.. n then we both decide to share hot pic of each other. he then insisted to see my hot pic but it was cute types not hot just a cute cloth half legs flaunt on it i shared it n took it back on Insta he said its not hot at all Lol.. then I was like i should share some hot pic then I wore a crop top which is similar like bra but not that reavealing cute one n shared him he liked it but still said not that hot.. i croped my face on it..He shared his shirtless pic with me.. but make it edit on it not fully reavealing..

Now I'm feeling whatever I did was wrong I was very dumb to do that.. He is not actually my types I like guys like Ranbir kapoor n he is geeky totally different.. but still i like him bcoz of his soul.. but we can't be together as we are far away from each other.. He is 28 and I'm 22.. How should I deal with him after this? I know i did a big sin please help should I keep in contact with him.. he is nice person never forced me anything it just happens.. πŸ™ I'm loyal person who has never Bf and I'm feeling bad that accidentally i did this creep thing.. Please give me sensible advice I never give him my personal contact nor on Insta just send msg there so that i took my pic back.. He is on my twitter thats it.. Help me please how should I repent? Though we both equally did wrong not only i share he too.. but I'm feeling bad as I feel i cheated my Mr right.. πŸ™ I swear we never did talk like that daily.. we talk to the limit.. bt the game becomes that close.. Help me please πŸ™

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  1. In Islam it's totally prohibited to talk opposite gender and the reason is in front of you as well as yoi are asking to leave him ofcourse it's haram immediately you should leave him.Allah loves you more than you love him and yet you betrayed Him.Allah swt is more important than him so don't be pathetic Inshallah Allah will replace a better person.What is over is over so be positive and repent,you can't change your past .Don't be silly and Believe in Allah swt.Don't waste your time in Ranbir kapoor ....Time is precious and ypu have to answer to Allah the all mighty how did you spend your time and Allah loves those who repent.

  2. Assalamualaikum sister

    You are not alone with this kind of waswasa shytan try hard to misguide us a simple solution to all this is ibadah and meet people who will remind u about Allah and who will guide you towards right path and any person who is leading u to wrong just break the connections it is good for you .............

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