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I stole something from school…what should I do?

Today was the last day of book fair at friends stole some books and told me to take one too (I don't blame them, I could've said no) I thought how they take so much money (fees) from our parents and don't even give us proper desk and chairs (we only have chair and we use its handle as a desk) so I took it...I feel very guilty and bad because I'm 13 and I know what is wrong and what is right and its not because I might get caught because many people were stealing and there were no cameras and my friend signed the book (they sign the book when it is sold) so there is no chance...I just want to return it to them..but tomorrow there will be no book fair..and I just don't have the courage to tell our teacher or principal that I stole a book...pleasee help me I know Allah is naraaz at me.


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  1. Dear AzilefKhan;
    You have shown remorse for what you have done; and I can clearly see you know what you did was wrong; Allah can see how you are feeling; and Allah is the most forgiving; the most mercifull; if you can't return the book back as there is no book fair; and you don't want to tell the teacher what you did; I can only tell you what I would tell my own child; who is similar age to you; which is find out the value of the book; and give the same amount in charity; use your pocket money; if you don't have any; do some jobs; earn the money and then give it to your local mosque; or even a charity of your choice; and ask Allah for forgiveness.

  2. Return the book my brother, tell your parents so they can probably help you inshallah. Islamicly you have to return that book, apologize when you return it. May Allah make it easy for you my brother.

  3. asslamoalikum
    give that book back if u dnt want to face the situation tell ur parents u regret for ur action and takr their help.send book as parsal to ur principal at school and wrtie a note that u took and say sorry to her for that and dnt mention ur name ( if u dnt feel) even if udnt aford parcal just give to gate keeper and just tell ur found with school wall or in school garden i hope my advice help
    Make tauba and dnt do in ur life again mau Allah show all us right pathamin

  4. Explain the whole situation to your teacher and tell her u r really sorry for what u did and return it. Am sure they wont make a fuss about it.

  5. Amy made a very good point.
    Since the book fair is over, you can maybe donate the exact amount of money -- or more -- to a charity.

    Also, you can give the book away to someone who really needs it. There are some organizations that accept books that are in good condition in order to ship it to places in the world where children are not as fortunate.

    InshAllah, you learned from your mistake.

  6. The solution to this situation is to BRING BACK THE BOOK to school.

  7. You call those people friends.It seems that these seed are bad news. No true upright muslim dares to do such acts.That clearly indicates your upbringing and the friends you hang with.I personally just hand it to the office and say i found this???unless you are strong in faith and say i stole it and got greedy. Dont point fingers or you will be in a bad situation

  8. If i were you in that situation i would return the book but if you can't lets say for e.g the book was worth $5.00 you have to earn the money and give it to the person or give it to charity or the homeless NOTE:You have to earn the money no borrowing May allah bess you

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