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I swore on my husband and ALLAH, but I broke the oath



I've made a promise and sworn on my husband and ALLAH for not doing a something. I've broken the oath twice. Will my nikkah or my husband bear the consequences of breaking the oath if I don't do kaffarah?? I tried to fulfil it and abstain but I've felt weak at a time which made me break my promise. I really regret and feel ashamed and really hope for getting ALLAH's forgiveness. Please guide me through, if I don't do kaffarah will my husband or my nikkah bear the punishment?



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  1. so many people in jest make oaths in Allah, thinking its okay to do then break it. never make such an oath if you cant keep it. you are taking things too lightly and making a mockery. if you break an oath then you have to make kafara. you will bear the punishment not your husband, since you are the one who made such an oath. you are accountable for your own deeds.


  2. Please be more specific in order for us to understand your question more graphically. What oat did you break?

  3. Don't take an oath in the name of Allah again. Ask forgiveness and repent. This is the perfect time to start because its Ramadan where the doors of forgiveness become open. Do as many good deeds as you can, give money to charity and feed poor people. Late at night read the Quran and cry for forgiveness

  4. dear sir, i said i promise to allah that i will not do that things so now i did, what will be kaffara for that i need your good answer and i will do kaffara if there is

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