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I think I am Losing my Faith

Salam Aleykum,

I think I am losing my faith and I am worried. My mother always tells me to pray, but I often forget to and when I remember I just can't seem to bring myself to do them. I've been diagnosed with clinical depression. Sometimes I hate myself, and I hate life. I spend days in my bed staring at the ceiling and thinking about how all of this is meaningless. I don't know if I believe in God because I need to or because I want to. I doubt and I question all the time. My therapist/counselor, says that faith can help with depression so I'm trying my best but it's so hard. I'm too scared/embarassed to go to the mosque or interact with other muslims because I don't wear a hijab (because I never believed hijabs to be accurate measures of faith) and I don't speak arabic.

Please help. What can I do to strengthen my faith?

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  1. Asalamu alaikum

    There are a few things wrong here. Firstly, why do you not speak Arabic? Are your parents not arab? If they are, then I heavily advise you to start learning Arabic. This is a big part of being a Muslim, mainly because you must be able to read the Quran. You can read translated versions, but I assure you, it will never be the same. Being a Muslim however just depends on whether or not you believe in Allah, which brings me to my second point. Firstly, I advise you to regard Allah more. Try to incorporate him in your daily life. When you’re sad, when you’re happy, before you sleep, after you wake up. The first part of having faith is knowing Allah, which can be done through the Quran. So yes, maybe it won’t be the exact same as reading it in Arabic, but the translated version can suffice. Again though, I advise you to learn Arabic if you can, and you can. The shaytan (Satan) is trying to lead you astray, do not fall for it, for you will regret it deeply. I think you need to get the right perspective, so sit down and think. What is it that you want? To believe in Allah? Then do so. Force yourself to forget the shaytan’s taunts and traps, to dig yourself out of the hole he pushed you in. You are not infinite. One day, you will die like billions before you, and then what? Your family will be gone, your friends, your money, your entire life. All you’ll have are your actions to vouch for you in the afterlife. They are what decide whether you go to heaven or to hell, where you will spend the rest of eternity, so for your own sake sister, I advise you with these few things. First, get to know Allah. Through Quran and through talking to him at your lowest points. Believe me, he is watching and he knows everything. He’s awiating you to ask him for help, to turn to him. Because you have turned to your therapist and to a website, but not to your creator. So recite Quran and listen to it in Arabic If you can with English subtitles. I HIGHLY recommend these two reciters and no one else: abd albasit abd alsamad, and Mohammed sideek almanshawi. They have angelic voices. Number two, try to remember the afterlife as much as you can. Think of everything you’re doing— is it pushing you towards heaven or hell? Number three, and I say this for the dozenth time: Quran. Number four, please try to learn Arabic. It is nothing but a language, but one that will benefit your more than you will ever care to admit. Number five, put Allah first. Again, just talk to him when you’re sad or depressed, ask him to give you patience and strength and faith; he will listen and he will respond. Number six: your prayers. They are the first thing you will be judged on in yawm alkiyama, and they are like your daily meetings with Allah. Think about it logically for a second: Allah -ALLAH, your creator and the creator of every single thing around you, of your senses and your family and your body and your planet and your race and millions of other races for all we know— is asking you to come and talk to him in specific times of the day. Who do you think you are to refuse? Trust me, I have been where you are. Depression used to be he only thing I knew. But when you forget everything and focus on yourself and your faith and Allah, everything else will figure itself out. Allah is best aware, and he is the most gracious most merciful. Keep him close to your heart and you will never lose. Having faith in him is the best possible thing you could ever do, and it will keep you content and peaceful throughout this long, hard life we all have to face. That is all I have to say. May Allah guide you on a straight path, and I sincerely hope you awaken from your depressed state and look around you l. There is grief on earth, but there is also joy, if you only know where to look.

  2. Salaam alaikum
    Depression is real. A hijab is only a command from our lord its your choice to follow, not a measure of your faith for others. Find good company from the mosque, the quran and salaat should occupy our time if we cant find meaning and purpose in life. Ponder on the verses. Find guidance in your salaat and the quran. Stop looking in this duniya for meaning and purpose. Say alhamdullilah for your blessings and astaghfirullah for our shortcomings. Give yourself 6 months on thos path and then reflect tonwhat you have learned and experienced. May Allah guide us all.

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