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I think I’m possessed by a Jinn

Jinn & Human sickness

I woke up at mine and my husband's wedding rings lying next to it. We stayed awake that night; the smell from the candle was horrendous, it was making us dizzy and giving us a bad headache.

The next night I went for a shower, and I came out to find the towel covered in blood and big bloody scratch marks on my back. We put surahs in my room which suddenly tend to fall on the ground and turn over.

My mind feels blank. I've started feeling angry and hating everyone - I feel like I want to be left alone all the time. I keep seeing things which are not really there, a man running in front of my car. a black dog following me... and when I take a second look its not there.  I nearly crashed because I thought I saw someone run in front of my car. I feel like my brains constantly asleep and I can't concentrate, or think I'm in a day dream. I feel really tired and sleepy and I say things I don't even remember I have said. I keep getting more and more scratch marks on my back and having scary dreams which wake me up in sweat.

Am I possessed?


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  1. Salaam unza, maybe you need to get a gp referral to a psychiatrist. You sound as if you are having hallucinations.

    • really sis???? how about Allah's BOOK mentioning the Unseen. Why do we act as if they don't exist when Qur'an clearly tells us

  2. Salamz in islam is it wrong to give someone false hopes if they are trying to better themselves?

  3. Ok this is really scarry however i still dont inderstand a few things from ur post. I wish u could b more clear. What about the wedding rings? What were they lying next to?.. What about the smell of the candle?
    First of all, tell me are these things just hapng to u or ur husband is experiencing the same. The physical attack part is really disturbing though. Im amazed that u didnt even feel the pain when u were attacked specially considering the fact that the attack was so bad that it made u lose so much blood .. Did u show ur scratches/wounds to ur husband or any1 else? How did he/they react?
    surah's falling on the floor and turning upside down random images of ppl and animals..i would have thought u r hallucinating stuff like in the movie 'black swan' but since u also mentioned that ur husband also had a headache after the over bearing mysterious smell of burning candle or wax i think there is some sort of mischief hapng around u. It could b a bad jinn doing this mischief or a really evil human. I hope u r not on any medication or in a habit of popping medicines without prescription. If that is not the case then u should totally see an Alim as soon as possible. Pray and maintain hygiene in the mean time. Whether it is ur mind or a is serious.

  4. Salam sister Unza.

    Please do the following immidiately:

    1. Start with Surah Al-Fatiha then Read Surah Al Ikhlas, An-Nas and Al-Falaq 3 times each , blow on your hands and wipe your entire body with your hands.
    2. If you have never prayed before, start praying 5 times a day- this is our protection form Jinns and any other harm of this Dunya and Akhira.
    3. Recite Ayat-Al Kursi , blow on your hands and wipe your entire body with your hands.

    If you are possessed with Jinn, these steps should let him go away from your body, InshaAllah.
    I believe any Surah from Quran makes Jinn go away.

  5. Assalaamualaikam

    Sister, from a medical perspective, I would advise you to contact your GP and arrange an urgent referral to see a Psychiatrist. Many of the things you describe may be symptoms of mental ill-health, which can be treated.

    If you feel in immediate danger, contact medical services - NHS24, your nearest hospital, your GP clinic - and explain to them what you are experiencing.

    In the meantime, ensure you have family support to look after you, and don't drive. Pray your daily prayers, read Quran and gain strength from Allah, and take care of your physical health by eating and drinking healthily and taking gentle exercise with a trusted friend.

    I hope that all will be well for you soon, InshaAllah.

    Midnightmoon editor.

  6. Assalamu'alaikum,

    Unza, please have yourself checked up at once. Consult at least three trusted doctors. I say this because I have read the Kibaar Ulama mention this condition on many occasions.

    If all of them say that your reports are normal and you have no other medical issue, or they say that there is some "unknown" reason for your imagination, it is a possibility of Jinn involvement. The scars on your body are strong suggestion of either sihr or possession or Jinn presense in your home. But you may go for medical checkups to rectify medical irregularities, if any.

    Once confirmed that Jinn is disturbing you, you may do ruqyah on your own. I have got the following booklet I received from fatwa online team and liked very much:

    In sha Allah, this will benefit you. Make sure you get rid of all items of Shirk from your home such as amulets, if any; and other things such as boards or frames containing numerology, etc. which fuel magic. Remove shirk from your home and fill your life, your home, with imaan, remembrance of Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala. Recite Suratul Baqarah in your home, which makes the Shaitaan run from home. Whatever you do, do with Allah's Name. Say Bismillah. Practice all du'as of day and night from the book "Hisn al Muslim - Fortress of the Muslim".

    May Allah Protect you from Shaitaan and his evils

    Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  7. Salam walaikum what are other signs of possession of jinn are there? And does dhikir help getrid of them

  8. sister trust me, i know u may be in denial that ur not possessed, tho to be honest it does seem like ur possessed, u really have to check urself out sister. dont worry, shaytan is very weak, but u just have to be patient and fight shaytan by increasing ur eeman and doing ruqya in accordance to the Quran and sunnah, and asking Allaah for help, in sha Allaah, u will get better.

    if ur saying but ur not possessed i dont need ruqya... then think about thi my dear sister... can listening to the Quran or reciting it urself for ruqya purposes ever do u harm?? ... will the words of Allaah benefit harm or benefit?? ... ofcourse, it will not harm u... so why not do ruqya?? its not like medicine that will give a nasty side effect. i dont know if ur possessed sister, but we all have to take safety measures, if ur not well, u will go to the doctor, to get a check up, so why dont we go to a raqi too to get checked?? whats the harm in it dear sister?? we all go to the doctor, but not raqi? why?? lets all take all take a balanced approach, plz contact abu ibraheem husnayn as soon as u see this msg.

    dont let shaytan take u over and fool u into thinking something else. plz do ruqya dear sister. plz tell ur husband to contact him, show this comment to ur husband, in case u cant do it contact abu ibraheem urself to some difficulty.

    plz do speak soon dear sister

    we need to have a balanced view, yes there can be medical issues but there is also a world of the unseen. we need to have a balanced view, and do ruqya before going to the doctor, because doctors can give a wrong diagnosis, as well know... i have done psychology

    once again i strongly advice u to go and see a raqi before going to a doctor.

    may Allaah cure u

  9. Salaams,

    There is something wrong, u are affected by the unseen. Try to read the quran, especially Muzzamil, 5 times a day namaz and listen to suratul bakrah. Ask Allah for mercy and make duas to protect you and others. I pray eventually this will go away. Be patient.

  10. whats muzzamil?

    plz just recite the authentic morning and evening azkar everyday, even when not afflicted, and recite Quran everyday as we should do anyway

    and i would advise u sister to recite surah baqarah yourself or for at least someone else, like ur husband, to recite surah baqarah in the house, rather just listening to an audio

    r u okay sister unza?? if u have any questions or any worries plz dont hesitate to ask me. plz get back to us soon, in sha Allaah, and tell us how u are now. we r worried for u sister. wish i could give my email address to u to give u info in further detail, but the admins dont allow it.

    in ruqya recite surah fatiha, ayatul kursee, and the last 3 surahs of the Quran. do this as often as u can. i know this is a really short ruqya, but i told u this in case u cant do a longer ruqya for now. just try to do it as often as possible, may be after every prayer. do ruqya with full trust in Allaah, and in sha Allaah u will be cured.

    plz do watch 'diaries of an exorcist' on youtube and join his page 'diaries of an exorcist' on fcbk too, if u have facebook sister

    plz have hijama done also, do them regularly sister.

    take care sister unza

  11. google "diaries of an exorcist" on facebook.

    Start doing the following:

    -eat seven dates first thing in the morning
    -pray your daily prayers + duha prayer and tahajjud (these two extra prayers are very potent against shayateen)
    -do your morning and evening azkar (
    -listen to surah baqarah and read it also.
    -recite surah fatiha (alot 50,100 giving you rough numbers to show what i mean but i dont mean to prescribe you specific numbers)
    -recite ayah kursi, surah falaq and surah nas (alot as well) DAILY
    -Salam on the prophet: Allahuma salle wa sallim ala nabiiyyina muhammad (ALOT DAILY)
    -Istighfar (Alot daily)
    -La illaha illalahu wahdahu la sharika lahu , lahu mulku wa lahul hamdu wa huwa ala kulli shayin qadeer (if you can read this more than maybe 900 or 1000(yes i mean thousand) times daily, yani A BIIIG number like that, do it insha'lallh

    -stick to this and inshallah you will get cured.
    -do not only recite also, listen also (listening makes the jinn angry and will bring forth a 'reaction' from the jinn in most cases, so you may find yourSELF angry or very depressed but reciting will make the person stronger. try to combine both insha'allah.

    -those smaller azkars(aside from the surahs) help to keep one's sanity.

    -Also VERY VERY important: recite the surahs i mentioned above and blow into water and olive oil. Take a bath with the water daily outside of bathroom, put olive oil all over body daily and also listen to this water with the Quran read on it.

    -This is something which requires persistence. Treat it like a cancer untill you are cured. Be patient because it has many lessons and put your trust and hope in Allah alone.

  12. As-salamu Alaykum,
    I wrote a response to this question a few days ago and received a note saying that my post was awaiting moderation. I was just wondering if there was any particular reason my response was not posted, or if my message was somehow lost. I wrote another response to another question and had the same experience. I am asking about this because it sometimes takes a long time to write a response. I would like to continue posting on the site but am worried that my posts will end up getting lost.

    • Amel, if your comments were posted with this username then it appears they were deleted, but I don't know why. If you're on moderated status that indicates that some of your comments in the past have been improper in some way. I'll keep an eye on your future comments and let you know if they are disapproved for any reason, Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

      • Thank you, Br. Wael. I do not recall leaving comments here in the past, so perhaps there is a glitch in the system.

        In any case, I wanted to respond to this question in particular because I often see Muslims who feel tormented by odd visions or hallucinations blaming the problem on jinn or supernatural occurences.

        I am the first to admit that I know very little about the topic of jinn in Islam, but I think it is important to consider other possibilities. I have just finished reading the book "Hallucinations," by Oliver Sacks, who is a respected neurologist, and I was really fascinated by the fact that hallucinations are extremely common and are only rarely associated with mental illness. More commonly, they are the result of an underlying neurological issue, such as epilepsy or even migraine.

        For this reason, I wanted to suggest that people who see/hear/smell odd things see a good neurologist rather than a psychiatrist, who may be quick to attribute hallucinations to mental issues.

        According to the book, there are many neurological conditions that can cause one to see, hear, and smell things that do not exist, and it is common to see disturbing images of death, carnage, or things like spiders crawling all over them. People frequently see faces or things like animals, monsters, and people with distorted teeth and noses.

        Speaking just of epilepsy, such hallucinations can actually be a form of seizure activity. Someone who also finds himself wounded or cut may be having seizures during which he injures himself. People who have seizures may fall unconscious for a short period and then wake up in a state of confusion. In addition, you do not have to have convulsions during a seizure. A seizure can be something as simple as staring off into space for a period so brief that neither you nor anyone else realizes that a seizure has just occurred.

        Given the above, it is really not surprising that there is such a huge stigma against epilepsy in many cultures, with many people believing that people with epilepsy are actually possessed by jinns or evil spirits.

        The more you believe you are possessed by jinn, the more panicked you will be as the human brain is extremely vulnerable to the power of suggestion and belief.

        All of the advice here is good. When faced with a crisis, it is extremely important to make sincere dua and to increase one's remembrance of Allah SWT. You must believe in the power of your dua, and in the ability of Allah SWT to cure you of the problems you are suffering. At the same time, do not ignore possible medical causes for your problems. Insha'Allah you will find relief from your hallucinations. In the meantime, though, you must take precautions such as not driving or being alone until the problem is under control. It is also important to get enough sleep and generally take care of your health so that the problem is not exacerbated.

        • "I am the first to admit that I know very little about the topic of jinn in Islam, but I think it is important to consider other possibilities."

          Dear sister if you don't know how can you make a recommendation?

          The jinn settle in the brain so they are able to cause physical and psychological and emotional problems.

          Unfortunately modern medicine does not have a decisive cure. Islam does and it's called ruqya.

          The description if this sister is 100% sihr unless one has no knowledge if sihr or symptoms.

          My dear sister educate yourself and fight back with ruqya. If you can't do much do your daily 5 prayers and Fast and morning and evening adhkar, dua and LOT of recitation of surah fatiha and ayatulkursi and falaq and naas and istihhfar. And listen to surah baqarah daily on headphones. Your condition may worsen if you apply this because you are fighting shayateen and they fight back. Pls also eat 7 datea n bath daily with water with quran*surahs I mentioned above* read on it. Do same with oil.

          • As-salamu Alaykum,
            I did not see this response until now. I felt it was important to write what I did for people who may not realize that neurological symptoms and issues take many forms. Not only that, many of them can, indeed, be treated medically.

            An important person in my life has epilepsy, and I do not think it would be helpful to this person if others were continuously suggesting he was possessed by a jinn. People with epilepsy already suffer enough due to their illness without further stigmatizing them. In cultures where this stigma is more prominent, people with epilepsy may have great difficulty getting married, finding work, and finding social acceptance. So, yes, it is important for people to understand that some problems having to do with the brain are purely medical. A hallucination may be a weird and frightening experience, but it does not automatically mean that jinn are involved. It does not even necessarily mean the person has psychological issues. I don't know what's going on with the OP, but there are many avenues to explore, and a qualified neurologist should be able to help.

  13. Assalam-o-Alaikum.... I need help from Mr. Ibraheem. I pray salah 5 times a day. I read ayetalkursi and the three quls. . Massha Allah it got reduced...but it is not going out of my body and I can feel it completely....I do perform prayers regularly....please tell me what I have do on head to perform ruqyah which was told Mr Ibraheem.... I really in need of help from him or any good raaqi pls......and give me the detail steps of ruqya...

  14. My kids all went to my moms house an came back with viruses/colds before they left the were well so they were getting fever to one of them had a fever an had a febrile seizure could it be possession the docs said it came from the fever but she has no history of it before this was the first time this child ever stayed over night there me an mom don't have a great relationship overall but that day nothing was wrong but still plz advise if u can muslims

    An yes my mom is Muslim but she has caused a lot of fitnah an my life an passed marriages intentional hurtful things to me that she ammited to so I don't know Allah knows best

    • If you live in the northern hemisphere then this is winter and it's flu and cold season. Kids get colds. It's normal. Stop inclining your thoughts toward suspicion and ridiculous superstitions.

      Wael Editor

      • Were muslim so how is it rediculous superstition I'm askin for help not a insult we no that the unseen is real authubillah

        • It's true that it could be something that your mother did, but frankly, if you don't have a good relationship with her, why are you leaving your children with her? If I didn't trust an adult, regardless of their relationship with me, I wouldn't leave them with that person.

          If you truly believe that it is something that your mother did, simply trust in Allah swt over the power of any jinn or black magic--you don't need to take them to anyone. What is best tested is your faith in Allah swt.

          • To @Saba your rite I just try not to put the kids in between things I felt like Cuz its the grand's that its different I was say the protection for the children while they were gone an when they came back sick an the one child seizure happen to I didn't know what to think Cuz she said send her I never had her before I want ti spend time wit her to she gets them like once a year but I felt sometime of way to send many her Cuz she two an Iddon't know why but I did an Allah knows best I try not to be too supicious Allahu Allah an I called the masjid for ruqiyah told briefly what happen they was suppose to call me wit the mean back but didn't yet mashallah

        • As-salamu Alaykum, Umm Mumu,

          Insha'Allah your child is better now.

          I, too, would advise you not to incline your mind towards suspicion of others. The mind is a very susceptible thing, and it is very easy to convince yourself that someone else is trying to harm you, even when they are innocent. The problem with suspicion is that it creates animosity and bad feelings between people. Having lived in a Muslim-majority country for a while, I have seen how people are quick to blame the evil eye, for example, when anything goes wrong in their lives. Instead of thinking this was Allah's will, or that other events triggered a mishap or catastrophe, they look for someone to blame. This issue is so great in some cultures that some people will even become angry if you say something nice to them about their home or children, especially if (for example) their child gets sick or something else bad happens shortly after that. They will always regard you with suspicion and think that it is dangerous to be around you. In my opinion, this is contrary to the spirit of Islam, which encourages us to take people at face-value and assume good of them. As Muslims, we really need to be mindful of where we place the blame for illness and other calamities.

    • Assalaamualaikam

      It can be really scary when a child has a febrile seizure. But, it's most likely been because of the fever if she's had a high temperature. These seizures can happen to anyone, if they have a high temperature, but are most likely to occur in children. They don't tend to have any other consequences other than being really scary.

      If your children don't get better in a few days, maybe take them to their GP - it's most likely a virus that they've picked up, but the GP might be able to reassure you. The GP can also check on the child that had the seizure and make sure she's doing well now.

      May Allah watch over your children and help heal the difficulties you and your mum have faced.

      Midnightmoon editor

  15. Salam, Any one can help me . I did post a post on last few day . I didnt get any response , Can Anyone help me hw to do it ,

    • Assalaamualaikam

      There is a queue due to the number of posts awaiting publication. At the moment, the waiting time is around 4 weeks. If you need an urgent answer, please mention this in your post's title and we will do our best, inshaAllah.

      Midnightmoon editor

  16. Just Recite Surah Al-Baqrah and 4 Quls everyday nothing bad will happen to u INSHA ALLAH..

  17. Salam walaikum ...This is Mohammed shah from Tamil Nadu ...last 6 years I'm suffering from extreme problems which has affected my health tremendously . Most of our (Hajraths) in my locality tried to remove the negative power inside my body but they all failed .finally I went to a Islamic scholar he told me to take Ruqyah from Raqis which was very new to me . Even though Raqi do Ruqyah on me I'm not improving . The thing in my body getting exaggerated day by day . My nervous in my head are bulging and its forming as a blood clot after few days . I'm doing some sort of actions which are uncontrolling . I'm having unbearable pain in my head and total body and also I have pain in back of my spine and centre of my chest . My family is totally down and worried because of please help me in some way

  18. Salam brothers and Sister,

    Can someone please share Abu Ibraheem Husaynan contact details please.



    • dee, I'm not sure what that has to do with this post, but if you search Google you will find his Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages.

      Wael Editor

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