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I am a girl addicted to sex websites, I feel guilty

Treating Pornography Addiction

Internet pornography


I am a simple girl trying to live her life. I am not perfect, nobody is perfect. I have joined this site to tell you my problem.

It all started when I was looking on the net and saw a sexual site.  First I took a look at it and then I tried to convice myself that what I am doing is wrong. After years I still practise this terrible habit.  I tried to stop but only for a month at Ramadan. After Ramadan I practise my habit as always. Now I need to visit sexual sites  every day. I want to stop. That is why I am asking you for help. So please if you have any ideas send me a message .

I probably should tell you that I never tried to do it with a guy but habits like this can push you to do other things. I am a virgin and never lost it .

Please help me :((

~ Noone

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  1. Aslm. well i know how it feels but the best advice i can give is when ever you feel like it seeing it remember the two angels which are assigned to you they too are seeing what you are seeing and they will record everything you do, say and see. this can be detrimental for someone on the day of reckoning where all your deeds will be laid bare before Allah SWT and if one is not careful it might be shown to everyone to see what you did may Allah save us from this horrid humiliation ameen. and Allah know best.

  2. Salaam waleikum

    I am not someone who has all the answers.
    But let me tell you, I know some one who does...

    If you want to find your answers, Go to him and ask him.
    Do you sincerely think he is not thinking of you right now...

    He loves you soo much.
    That everytime you hurt yourself, he forgives you

    He tries you with hardships
    To shed away your sins...

    I cannot say I know
    I cannot say I understand
    I cannot say I feel

    Because the one that truly gets you right now is He, the one and only.

    We your muslim brothers and sisters, we are a gift towards each others.

    When 1 shoulder is taken, there are millions ready to take its place.

    However I can say you are not alone
    You are not lost
    and you definitely are not imperfect... You are perfect just the way He created you... You are beautiful just the way He wanted you to be... So if you truly love Him and believe...Then be what He made you be.

    This right now, Is just another wall
    Another wall that needs to be broken down
    If you think your not strong enough for that
    Then climb over it.
    If thats too tough
    Then walk around it..

    But one things sure, You'l get past this wall, Just never give up, Just never stop believing in the fact

    That you can, That you will, That you shall...

    And if you think your not ready to believe in you...

    Then know it from this moment on, that 1.3 billion muslim brothers and sisters believe in you...Think about you...Love you...

    This is our Ummah, Your Ummah, Lets protect it, By protecting ourselves.
    Lets make it stronger, By making ourselves stronger.

    Now its you that needs help, You've fallen down...Don't worry take our hand we'll pull you up..
    Then help the person next to you, Because now he or she needs help...

    Its dificult, We know, I know, He knows....

    But all the paths to true succes are dificult, Because you can't even imagine whats waiting for you at the end of the road.

    So just don't give up yet, Keep on walking and keep on fighting...

    You'l get there, You'l get there...

    He is there...


    Look around the website dear sister: this is just 1 url post of islamic answers, there are many more...You will find helpfull things there InshAllah.

    May Allah do whats best for you, just always keep believing in him and he wil he wil he willlll help you, thats his promise...and he always comes by his promises. (L)

  3. Great article on how watching porn changes your brain and your life. May Allah protect everyone from this "disease" that destroys singles (who therefore keep sleeping around with different partners and cannot find the "perfect" person to marry - the biggest social problem of our times) and married peoples lives!

  4. Assalam oalykum wr wb. i want to hear the feedback from the questioner!

    jazaki allahu khairan

  5. dear sister, just remember ALL MIGHTY ALLAHS WATCHING YOU.

    sister first have lot of love and respect for your own-self
    don't be discouraged, don't indulge in self-put-downs
    you will pull through this
    you are bold and intelligent to ask for advice
    not many people have the sense for asking divine guidance
    you are extraordinary soul
    soon you will be clean and pure
    good luck with ur discipline and self-control

    Watch this video to get rid of it

  8. u still have this problem?

  9. Just remember Allah much. Block any sex sites from your computer and your phone device. Please make yourself busy with the family, work, or any positive activities during the day. Read Quran and make dua asking Allah (SWT) for forgiveness especially when you are alone!
    Do good things to please Allah not to show off.
    Ask Allah to purify your heart. Please join with supportive friends and get rid of bad friends.
    As a muslim brother that's my advice to you.

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