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I want my father to become Muslim

Muslim boy and father saying dua


Aselamualeykum muslim sisters and brothers...

My father is not a muslim but my mother is , I want my father to become a muslim, I don´t talk to him about this but I always pray for him to go in the right path...but still he doesn´t change.

I belive in dua,  every single of my desires come true ..even if I don´t get them I belive it is for best because  ALLAH knows what is good for me. And now, I can´t figure out why my father is not changing .


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  1. As salamu alaykum, Nebila,

    Only Allah(swt) has the power to open the Heart of your father to Islam, your prayers and soft Heart are good, but don´t pray for him to become muslim, that is your wish, but maybe not his destiny, maybe he is this way for you to wish the best for him and pray so much for him. Then maybe he is accomplishing his destiny not becoming muslim, this is to make you think about it, just my opinion.

    What I would highly recommend you is that you live Islam and be a living example for your father, with your soft Heart, your dedication to prayers, your straight behaviour towards the others, yourself and Allah(swt), and when you pray for him, ask Allah(swt) the All-Knower, that He guides your father in the best way possible for him, this way you submit to Allah(swt)´s Will, you show your Respect towards others´destiny and you accept Allah´s(swt) ways, that may fall far from our poor understanding as simple human beings.

    I am going to write you something I read yesterday about duas:

    "Dua increases iman. It makes evident the fact that a person has absolutely no control over his destiny, nor does he have the power to benefit himself or avert any evil from him. It shows the neediness that a muslim feels towards his Lord. It proves that the one making dua sincerely believes that Allah hears his dua, and will respond to it. Such a person must also affirm Allah´s Infinite Mercy, Beneficence and Generosity. The more a person increases in the realisation of his poverty towards the Mercy of this Lord, the more he will increase in his iman as well.
    Knowing one´s need of Allah in every matter(dua), and knowing Allah´s Perfect Nature (Allah´s Names and Attributes), are the essence of iman and servitude to Allah."

    I do believe firmly this words and I see you too, keep striving, Nebila, thank you very much for opening your Heart and sharing your worries with us.

    All my Unconditional Love and Respect,

    María Editor

    • Keep trying, be a good Muslimah, and keep making dua. Don't be frustrated if he does not accept Islam despite your best effort, because at the end of the day the guidance has to come from Allah.

  2. salama calykum
    keep praying allah to guide him ,although allah guides who he wants,because there ayah in the quran saying you can't guide who you love but allah guides who he wants ,this ayah sended when our beloved prophet liked his uncle Abudalib to became muslim but allah not guided him
    so don't worry always tell him that allah created us to worship him ,tell him kindly by persuading him
    and invoke allah to guide him ,
    and we will ask allah to guide him ammeen ya rabi

  3. Recite this Dua In Sha Allah he will become Muslim by the mercy and blessings of Allah:

    Allahumma Ya Muqalli bal quloob, sabbit qalbi alaa deenik.

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