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I want her to love me and get engaged to me

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Salam sir,

Sir I love this girl very much and she loves me too but recently her family issues have led her to start losing interest in me. We both love each other for over a year and a half and in Sha Allah if I get a chance I will marry her. Our relationship is pure and I have never met her face to face. Can you please tell me any dua or anything I can do so she can love me again like before?

I know she loves me but due to family issues she has been affected and now when I speak to her she seems uninterested and forgets everything I say. But when I'm not around she misses me a lot.

Please help me I love her very much and day by day I feel that we are drifting apart. Please help me as soon as possible. Thank you.


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  1. No one can "help" you. It sounds like this was a digital relationship, i.e. you met over Facebook or other form of social media. Digital relationships do not translate into real-life love. You don't love her. You love the idea of her as presented on the internet/cellphone/etc

    She is no longer interested in you. No one can help you, because we can't force her to be interested. You may wish to try to move this matter into a real-life scenario by approaching her family for a proposal. You will get your answer then. If not, it is best to move on. You will meet someone else eventually.

  2. I made an account on fb v become frnz he presented himself az a good muslim he told me his story n i told him mine i treated him like a brother n he asked me for ma no n unfortunately gave him n he started to send me msgs az i waz his gf n i blocked him after dat he called me when i refused to talk to him he abused me n give ma no to everyone on fb n made rumours about me dat i was his gf he even called ma fiance n told him lies n rumours dat m havng bad charactr n more worst things he ruined ma life of no fault of mine ma fault z dat i chated vid non mahram

    • What the guy did to you was awful, but you also made mistakes. What was your intention in giving him your number? In any case, what's done is done. I suggest that you deactivate your FB page and change your phone number.

      Wael Editor

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